S.A.R (Stealing Allan's Rights)

S.A.R (Stealing Allan's Rights)


S.A.R. (Stealing Allan's Rights) Is a high energy Detroit rock band that has taken the local rock scene by storm! With their powerful sound and unique style - this band is a legend in the making!


SAR has found a sound that is all their own. Diversity is key to their song writing. The individual styles of each instrument are so different, that when put together, the music becomes a very original sound that is impossible to categorize.

Having performed with such national acts as Sponge and Men at work, they are one of the best shows in Detroit. S.A.R.'s live performance is always delivered with power and feeling. Because they believe in what they do without prejudice, there are no "influence" boundaries, there talents run deep. But most of all, the live vibe is where it's at with this group - whether Live or in the studio, SAR find's that musical connection that happens so rarely.



Radio Play: 88.1 the BIFF - Bloomfield Hills, Mi - currently on regular rotation

Also heard on:
101.1 the WRIF - Detroit
760 AM - Mitch Albom Show
Channel 4 News

Set List

Original Music - typical set 60 minutes. Recent set list as follows (45min set)
1. Intro/Yea yea song
2. Those were the days
3. Life line
4. March
5. Over it
6. Once upon a time
7. Flat line
8. So glad
9. Spiral down
10. Let it go
11. If we return? / Star?
12. That’s the way it goes
13. Coming Back around