Sasha Papernik

Sasha Papernik

 New York City, New York, USA

What happens when you fuse Russian folk songs with Country music and a virtuosic pianist? Meet Sasha and The Indulgents. Sasha writes songs influenced by her Russian background and classical piano training for a band that loves Country. A soulful live act driven by raw energy and emotion.


Love in a Box (CD and Music Video) is Sasha's sophomore album project and was released on November 6th, 2010 to great press.

Sasha Papernik is a songwriter, singer, and conservatory-trained pianist who can sneak a lightning-speed run of notes into a ballad about life that you will probably recognize as your own. She started writing songs as a means of reaching a broader audience and eventually hit upon a style all her own where raucous, virtuosic piano riffs meet smooth, lovely melodies. The intelligent, introspective lyrics are the icing on the cake.

Initially crafted as solo-piano pieces, the songs developed a driving energy after some fellow conservatory musicians became Sasha’s first touring band in 2008. She built her chops the time-honored way: by playing in every tri-state area venue she could log onto her schedule, learning to give hushed atmospherics to an attentive audience and hurl blistering soul-grabbers at those who were on their twelfth beer.

The music on “Claremont,” her debut album released on June 20th, 2009, is the result of all those nights of tight work with a band, cleaned up and made pristine. In a field saturated with special effects and escalating dramatics, Sasha’s clear-as-a-bell songs bring with them a weird sense of recognition—this is how songs can actually be, this is what they can mean.

Since then the band’s sound has evolved into the unique palette heard on their sophomore album, “Love in a Box,” released on November 6th, 2010. As one reviewer puts it:“Sasha and the Indulgents’ Love in a Box is shot through with a devastating sense of foreboding, from the crafty creep-rock of its opening title track almost all the way through to its desolate final moments of lonesome acceptance. Yet, and this is the power and magic of this record, they never bog down musically.” Sasha collaborated with a prize winning film director, Jeff Sousa, to film the band’s first music video to the album’s title track.

Originally from the Boston area, Sasha was a winner of national and international classical piano competitions since the age of eight. She is first generation Russian-American and considers her Russian background a great influence on her music. She graduated from Wellesley College with a BA in comparative literature and music, completing her Masters in Piano Performance at the Manhattan School of Music. Sasha is currently touring with her band on the East Coast, promoting her sophomore album. Catch her if you can: you’ll take with you memories of raw energy that ties in neatly with the brave new album “Love in a Box.”



Written By: Sasha Papernik

(verse 1)
Her mother says darling ambition won't get you married.
Her father says child ambition is an empty pocket.
Her friends back home say come back to the island, sit on the beach - be our beauty queen.

But Carolina doesn't pause to listen.
She's following her heart to a dream.
Carolina doesn't pause to listen,
she's following her heart to a dream.

(verse 2)
Her brother says so didn't school teach you anything?
Her grandma reads the paper and says quit looking for a job now anyway.
Her college girlfriends say, take it easy - they think that she's being too hard on herself these days.

Carolina doesn't pause to listen.
She's following her heart to a dream.
Carolina doesn't pause to listen.
She's following her heart to a dream.


CD - "Claremont" released June 2009
Available on iTunes. Tracks are streaming on various internet radio stations, Last FM, and WMJC 94.5 FM

CD - "Love in a Box" released November 6th, 2010
Available on Pandora, Radio Crystal Blue, Women's Radio, Indie Castle Radio, Unheard Radio, Rukus Radio, Music Closet

CD - "Victory" released February 1st, 2013
Available on Pandora, iTunes, and Spotify

Music Video: "Love in a Box" at and Vimeo.

Set List

1. Only Love Can Break Your Heart - Neil Young
2. Carolina
3. Love in a Box
4. Walker Evans
5. Tears Go By - Rolling Stones
6. So Long Marianne - Leonard Cohen
7. Take it as it comes
8. Edges of Your Mind
9. Cape Cod
10. Killing the Blues - John Prine

Typical set is 45 - 60 minutes. One or two sets.

Covers: Neil Young, Nina Simone, Phil Spektor, Robert Plant, The Beatles, John Prine, Leonard Cohen, Rolling Stones, Patsy Cline