Sasha Payne

Sasha Payne


Singers with soul, substance, and universal appeal are a rare commodity in today's music world of party anthems and one-hit wonders. Enter Sasha Payne, a young Urban/R&B singer-songwriter whose recent single, "I'm Gone," is currently heating up the airwaves.


Growing up in a tight-knit family in Virginia, Sasha began singing and writing at an early age. "Music is in my blood," says Sasha, whose grandfather was a Polynesian composer, and whose mother would spend countless evenings playing guitar and harmonizing with her daughter. It's no wonder Sasha eventually developed an ability to write songs, play instruments, and even produce and audio engineer. Thoroughly a musician, Sasha's influences include well-rounded R&B songstresses like Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu, as well as classic rock greats such as the Beatles. In her songs, her lyrical influences shine, showing her gift, not only as a wonderful singer, but also as a natural storyteller.

Sasha recently relocated from Virginia to New York City to pursue a career as a singer and songwriter. She is currently working on her debut album while promoting the single, "I'm Gone," a soulful and confessional ballad that showcases her pipes and writing talents. Check out the her myspace at For further information on the artist, email her at


List singles, EPs, LPs that you have released. Do you have tracks that have streaming or radio airplay?


Crush (2007)
I'm Gone (2007)

Both of the above singles have garnered airplay on radio stations worldwide, including Hot 97 (New York, NY).

Set List


1. Crush

2. I'm Gone

3. Deep

4. Don't Stop

5. We Could Be One

6. Hot Boi

7. Mind Games

8. Say What

9. Love at First Sight