Sasha Zall

Sasha Zall

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Pop intermix: a pop sound that includes RnB, Hip-hop, and alternative vibes. Similar Artists: Justin Timberlake, Ne-Yo, Usher, Chris Brown, and Jason Derulo.


Music gurus from across the nation are excited about 24yr old Canadian born Los Angeles raised, Sasha Zall. His trendy style and an intermix sound, provide a new flavor that everyone seems to be tasting.

Sasha is smooth in his tone and lyrics; but it is his way of approaching everything he does with a 110% effort, which has guided him into the studio where he has worked with the hottest producers/song writers in the business.

Sasha already has a growing fan archive; his dedication to sound and natural creativity categorizes Sasha as an artist, not just a singer. His goal is to “reach the world,” and he lives by the motto- a set-back is only preparation for a comeback.

Sasha is inspired by quite a few well-known celebrities, but it is his emotional connection with the King of Pop that enthused his career. Sasha wanted to be a part of music since he was 4yrs old, after he saw Michael Jackson on TV- it was from then in which he dedicated his every breath and step to further guarantee his dream to become a reality.

If Sasha isn’t in the studio then he may be out for a jog, learning about different cultures, or possibly traveling; but most of the time he is singing and working on his music. If you have not heard about Sasha Zall, well it is only in a matter of time until you do. If you want to have an edge on what’s hot in the music game to date, keep in mind Sasha, for he has big plans to accomplish big things. The industry has him on the rise, for the cream always surfaces to the top.

In addition, Sasha received his Bachelor's of Science in Business from the University of Southern California in 2005 at the age of 20.


EP - You Got Me
Single - Lost It In The Night
Single - You Got Me
Single - Single To Me

Set List

Lost It In The Night
You Got Me
Single To Me