Sashird Lao

Sashird Lao

 Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, FRA

As this outstanding trio takes you half way between Nu Jazz and Soul-World, Sashird Lao step out of the trails, playing groovy while crossing the bounds of Jazz as well as those of modern music, far from what you’ve known before…


These three musicians from Nice (France), make their music sing like no one, as they spice up the instrumentation with oriental and indian flavors, embodied in a soulful composition.

Creative and funny, they use no harmonic instrument to focus essentially on the use of their voices : bass vocals, beat box, body drumming… and singing of course !

All of that wrapped in the digressions of an impolite trombone, the surprising choruses of a childish saxophone and the freshness of a flute..

A singularity that we retrieve on their 3rd album « Open The Box »… An album that is to be listened to as a travel diary.

Sashird Lao sing the tails of an hybrid universe where the stillness of the indian temples and the egyptian pyramids meet the turmoil of the occidental capitals…

Get ready to discover their last opus, and be surprised every song as they suffer no incoherence…
Sashird Lao is all a genuine world built from the union of those three artists that have sworn themselves to have only one limit : always feel the thrills !


1st album "Watsdis" 2007
Le Chant du Monde / Harmonia Mundi

2d album "3 Secrets" 2009
Le Chant du Monde / Harmonia Mundi

3rd album "Open the box" 2010
Le Chant du Monde / Harmonia Mundi

Set List

Our set is 1h30

We play our compositions and somme Jazz's standarts like :

Moanin - Charles Mingus
Oleo - Sonny Rollins
Sing sing sing - Louis Prima
Caravan - Duke Ellington
Milestones - Miles Davis