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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE
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"I dO FREESTYLE: Sashay aka Sash La'ki"

Every month at I dO MUSIC we have a segment titled "I dO Freestyle" where various emcees step to the stage and let loose 16 from the beats Dj Teknology chooses to play. The crowd decides who handled the impromptu performance the best and receives an One on One interview at Patchwerk Recording Studios.

"I dO MUSIC" May brought us Sashay who will also be performing this Thursday at Apache Cafe.

How long have you been writing music?

I’ve been writing music since the age of 12. Production came later on. So around 7 yrs for just the area of producing..

When did you realize this was the career for you?

I realized how deep my love for music was at 12. I’ve been striving to make it happen ever since.

Who are your influences?

My influences are my older brother Sed, Jay-Z, India Arie, Yolanda Adams, of course MC Lyte, Anthony Sims aka T-Cap, and Leon Timbo

Do you have any projects currently out? Are you working on anything now? Details & dates?

Yes..I do have an independent album out titled “Open Archives”..found on ITunes,, and several other Internet sites. I’m currently working on a few R&B projects..and a new mixtape ..”Breath of da ‘ Streets..vol 2”

How did you get involved with the "IdOMusic" program?

A few of my people kept telling me that they heard about it and they felt it would be beneficial for me, so I decided to fall thru back in February and I’ve been coming ever since.

What do you most like about the "IdOMusic" program?

I love the fact that they give indie artist an opportunity to shine through performances and interviews..I don’t know of any other music hustles that involve that.

If you could say one thing to the artists, producers, songwriters, and musicians that haven't gotten involved with "IdOMusic yet, what would it be?

Why not fall have nothing to loose and plenty to gain..
- Patchwerk..The "I Do Music" Blog...

"Sash La'Ki: One Woman Revolution!"

If you're looking for inspiration, dedication, or perhaps a little rejuvenation then you've checked in on the right artist. Sash La'Ki has made our 'Hot Seat' because she embodies the many qualities that make up a true artist. With her new single 'Sky Blu Melody' Sash La'Ki has earned the title of 'trailblazer.'

Sash La'Ki, a Florida native began writing lyrics at the tender age of 9. While most of us were playing with dolls or racing Tonka trucks Sash had been honing her skills as a writer. With music being part of her 'DNA' it would only seem befitting for Sash to be musically inclined. Sash's mother is a former R&B singer and her father was a jazz musician. Sash has had a terrific mentor in her older brother who is not only proficient in playing 1 instrument but, try 4! Her talented brother plays the trumpet, trombone, drums, and add piano to his repertoire too. Genius!

Alana's Musical Diary recently had the opportunity to sit with Sash and we learned a great deal about the artist who first entered a recording booth at the age of 15 to lay tracks--you have to respect the journey she has taken. Soft-spoken and kind by nature, Sash first appeared on BET's 106th and Park and was given her introduction into the music industry via Timbaland's brother. Sash has worked with several talented writers/ producers to include Attitude who has written songs for artists such as Nelly Fertado and Keri Hilson. Sash has also worked with the southern gospel/alternative group Grits. When Alana's Musical Diary asked Sash La'Ki to name a few artists that inspire her she did not hesitate to admit that India Arie's music is "uplifting," she loves the talented John Mayer, and Monica. Sash is fond of Monica's "positivity" and she went on to state that she appreciates how Monica places "God first." This is a true testament to Sash's character; she loves people, giving back to those less fortunate, and Sash remains spiritually in tune.

As a writer, I am inspired by this artist and the first time I was given the opportunity to listen to 'Sky Blu Melody' I played it at least 15 times! The beat, melody, and the lyrics enrapture the listener and the more you listen to the track, the more you come to appreciate Sash La'Ki's many gifts.

Balancing Music with Everyday Life

Like so many women who give back, Sash La'Ki can be looked upon as a role model. Sash is raising her lovely 10 year old daughter in Atlanta, GA and her schedule remains full. Sash is no stranger to hard work as she balances family with performing, attending school, work, and giving back to different communities through her Kalonjii (Ka-lon-jye) organization which helps children in urban communities. When Alana's Musical Diary asked Sash what was the mission of Kalonjii which was started in 2006, Sash candidly expressed that Kalonjii is a movement dedicated to helping bring balance and spirituality to low income families in addition to assisting Habitat of Humanity build homes in inner-city communities. Sash also explained the word 'Kalonjii' derives from Africa and has several meanings to include small black seed. A seed one would use to cook with. Sash has used the name metaphorically to express how she intends to take her grass-roots project and create a full movement. Brilliant.

As Sash La'Ki continues to perform and trail blaze her way through music she is taking time to decide whether or not she'd like to be signed to a label or if she'd like to pursue owning her own 'indie' label. She admits this is why she has a great deal of respect and admiration for Jay-Z. Sash credits the rap impresario for having stellar leadership ability along with a great business mind. Sash was fortunate to be apart of Jay-Z's Roc 4 Life contest and was extremely pleased with all of the support she received for her 'Sky Blu Melody' video. Alana's Musical Diary wanted to know who were the artists that Sash would aspire to work with in the future and she said "Monica, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, and R&B artist Usher." Sash loves the infusion of rap with R&B. And finally, when asked how she balances it all she said something humble yet, profound and that was "prayer." Sash La'Ki is a one woman revolution and she makes our 'Hot Seat' this month for her ingenuity, creativity, and spirituality. We look forward to so much more from this talented artist. It's all 'Blu Sky's' from here...

Posted by Alana... - Alana's Musical Diary


Open Archives
Breath of da' Streets Volume 1
Meet Me at the Skyline...ALBUM COMING SOON



Introducing the Woman of Many Faces, Sash La’ki.(Sashay)

This undeniable talent has been writing since the age of nine. Originally from Jacksonville, Florida and currently residing in the industry hot-spot, Atlanta, GA, Sash La’ki is always giving us something incredible!

Showing and proving, Sash La’ki aims to capture us from every angle. She excels as an impeccable songwriter, incomparable emcee and always “ever current” producer. Sash has a mind and an ear for what the people want to hear.

Even though Sash La’ki can’t be placed into any particular brackets or compared to anyone past, present or even future, she brings to us elements similar to Jay Z’s flow, Nas’ fearlessness, and MC Lyte’s confident, in your face delivery.

The Woman of Many Faces shows versatility on every level. One listen to her catalogue of music and you will see that she writes and produces any genre of music-and she does so with integrity and confidence.

Sash La’ki is highly professional and a woman of her word; just another reason she stands out in this industry. She has been sought after and has completed successful collaborations with:

Attitude and Timbaland
Lisa Mclendon
Leon Timbo
The Elements
MFN Productions

You will be amazed once you hear her featured on tracks produced by Just Blaze and So So Def. Sash La’ki has also been featured on mixtapes with T.I., and most recently Cee Hustle, MFN, and D. Focis.

From the shores of Florida, to the stages of 106 & Park, countless showcases, and freestyle battle lines, this songwriter/emcee/producer has been on a journey to capture the entire world and has been successful thus far. We hope your ready for the transition she brings…
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