Sash Mo'

Sash Mo'

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A rapper that plays guitar and sings? Now that's something new. The music of Sash-mo can range from club-thumping "swagged-out" bangers all the way to slow, groovy RnB with a hint of jazz, and even some mellow acoustic folk in a new urban format. With no limitations, Sash just makes "good music".


Rapper/singer/song-writer Shashwat "Sash" Karkee wants to be a leader of the New-school music, with the mind and creativity of the (G)old-school. Try to picture lyrical BIG L with the swagger of T.I., or the groovy melodies of Stevie Wonder with 'kool'ness of Lupe Fiasco. Either way, the idea is simple - create commercially appealing and marketable songs without sacrificing its artistic values.

Sash was born in Nepal, raised in Japan as a youth, and musically enlightened in Toronto. The diversity of his regional/cultural upbringing can be clearly heard in his music, as he combines the various musical style/sounds in his songs. The result is a healthy concoction of musical genres, all tied in with his smooth voice and the charming delivery. He has just opened up a private studio with his RedRoom crew, and together they have released a promo compilation CD "All I see is Red", available online and in hard-copy. Sash has performed in various Hip-Hop and Alternative venues around the GTA, such as VEGA Lounge, Bellada inside the Ring, and also more sophisticated ones like the Kultura.

Once an engineering student at McMaster University, Sash is determined to make music his lifestyle and occupation. He has just graduated from Seneca College's renowned Independent Musicians Program (IMP), and has been able to define what success means to him in this industry. As of late, he keeps himself busy working on his solo projects, as well as gaining valuable studio experiences by producing/engineering materials for other artists. He wants to keep working with his RedRoom crew to create/establish a production house with industry standard studio facility, while striving to expand his fan base independently.


"All you See is Red" - Promo EP 2008
"Whats Popping?" feat. Feta getting respectable rotation on 92.5 WBLK.

Set List

Wide Range of Urban/Alternative material.

Covers could range from/ not limited to Phil Collins, Beatles, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Stevie Wonder, Incubus, etc.