Saskia Laroo

Saskia Laroo

 Amsterdam, North Holland, NLD

Saskia Laroo is a professional trumpet player with her own very special sound. Her mission is to connect people with her multicultural mix of jazz, pop, dance and world music. She performs worldwide with her own bands or as a special guest. Saskia has her own record label with six available CD ’s.


Saskia Laroo, hailed by American public and press at large as "Lady Miles of Europe", is one of the few women trumpet stylists, blowing for more than three decades. Born July 31, 1959 in Amsterdam, she began on trumpet at age 8, never dreaming of becoming a professional musician. That all changed when Saskia, turned 18, after briefly majoring in Mathematics at University of Amsterdam switched her focus to a career in music. She worked extensively in various groups from this point, primarily on upright bass, though eventually, on both bass and trumpet. Saskia Laroo combines today’s music by uncontrived romps into new styles, eagerly limned as "nu jazz" or "swingin’ body-music"--a vivacious blend of hiphop, jazz, salsa, funk reggae, and world, that many other artists dare not venture. Her artistry and her groove ring vibrantly and free on her four albums journeying us through the music she has absorbed and plays from heart and soul.


*SL1101: Two of a Kind (acoustic jazz), a tribute to Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk; a collaboration of duo Saskia Laroo (trumpet, acoustic bass) and Warren Byrd (piano, vocals, bongo). Recorded in the USA.

*SL0801: Really Jazzy (funkjazz) With Warren Byrd (keyboard, vocals), Frank lacey (trombone, voc), Gene Jackson (drums, voc), Ronald Wright (drums, voc) , rappers Firestorm, Phantom and Stewlocks, Eyesful (beatbox, digeridoo) and more. Liner notes by Hans Dulfer.

*SL9401: It ’s like jazz (acid jazz) Saskia Laroo - trumpet, alto sax, electric & upright bass.
Special guests: Mac Maestro & QF Da Funkee P & Zebulon - rap vocals; Johnny Kelvin & Ghasem Batamuntu - vocals;
Hans Dulfer - tenor sax; Benjamin Herman - alto sax; Rob Gaasterland - keyboards

*SL9801: Bodymusic (dance jazz) Saskia Laroo - trumpet, upright & electric bass
Special guests: Mellow Mac & MC Cocktail & MC Mad Ten - rap vocals; Rosa King & Marita Blijden & Mola Sylla & Ghasem Batamuntu - vocals; Candy Dulfer & Benjamin Herman - alto sax; Ghasem Batamuntu - sopranino sax; Rob Gaasterland & Kino Haitsma - keyboards; Leslie Joseph - electric bass

*SL9901: Jazzkia (pure jazz) Saskia Laroo -trumpet
Albert Sarko - piano; Jos Machtel - upright bass; Martin van Duynhoven - drums

*SL9902: Sunset Eyes 2000 (bebop) Saskia Laroo meets Teddy Edwards featuring Ernie Andrews
Saskia Laroo - trumpet; Teddy Edwards - tenor saxophone; Art Hillery - piano; Wendell Williams - upright bass;
Gerrick King - drums; special guest: Ernie Andrews - vocals

Set List

Saskia Laroo can be booked with the following formations:

THE SASKIA LAROO BAND (setlist available on request)
In 1994, borne of Saskia's multi-cultural musical experience, her penchant for experimentation, and her hopes to encourage human diversity, the Saskia Laroo Band would be the vehicle for the works of her first CD ever, It's Like Jazz and her exploration of the musical concepts of Miles Davis from his album Doo- Bop. Continuing to expand her artistic vision, this project now features a multi-national personnel and a contemporary mix of propulsive music; the soul of the ages meets catharsis through driving rhythms, powerful rap, and poignant solos.

DUO SASKIA LAROO / WARREN BYRD (setlist available on request)
World-renowned trumpeter Saskia Laroo and international pianist/vocalist Warren Byrd together create a smorgasbord of music for a wide palette of occasions from the grand gala-fest to the intimate hang