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Up the Mountain

Written By: Saskia Laroo / Iven Naipal

Hey yo I 'm climbing up the mountain to find my baby girl
All the time I 've been looking for you all over the world. I came this far so I can 't turn back now , even if I could go back I don 't know how. I pray to God that I find you at the top so I keep climbing up the mountain until i drop. My journey for finding you will never stop. So here i come baby girl hope you 're there or maybe not.

Climbing up the Mountains hope that I will find some peace of mind, I 'm holding on to hope. Climbing up the mountains hope that I will see that you will be the peace inside of me.

A tear drops for all the years that you 're gone. I can 't believe that I 'll be writing you this song. Baby please hold on, yeah i 'm coming. But what if I 'm wrong and I won 't find, nothing. Suddenly my conscience is messing with my mind. You can hear the frustration in my voice when I rhyme. The pain of your memories flashing by. I just can 't describe but the feeling in my hear don 't lie.

Yo, ain 't nothing changed since you left, it 's been so long girl. i really need you back, i still remember the time that we met, the time that w made love, you was like an angel that was sent from above. i really can 't believe that you 're gone. I really miss your arms around me to keep me warm. I hate myself for ever doing you wrong. i need you here in my life and maybe at times I 'm gonna make you my wife

Hey yo i 'm climbing up the mountain hope that I will find something

Courtesy to Coltrane

Written By: Saskia Laroo

Talking about John Coltrane, remember John Coltrane