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Saskya Sky

Pompano Beach, Florida, United States

Pompano Beach, Florida, United States
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Saskya Sky Chanteuse (USA)"

We love and support you in France! - Alkeriaz / Uneselprod RIMEBACK Magazine (France)

"Haiti's Princess"

Saskya Sky, fason ou presente tet ou nan sosyete a, mwen deja we ke w'ap trase yon bon example pou tout jeune filles ki ta rev, e ki ta vle fe yon bagay positif avek lavi yo. - Jean Edouard - Radio Communautaire 94.7 FM Jacksonville

"Where's the "Party""

In honor of horrific workweeks, we’ve gathered five party songs from local musicians. Listen to them as you primp for a night out that will make you forget you even have a job.

“Call my homies get my girls/We gonna party the night away/We ain’t gonna get in line/VIP all the way,” sings Saskya Sky, a.k.a. the Haitian Princess, in the pop song she calls a departure from her previous tunes. “I was 19 when I wrote ‘Party,’ ” she explains. “I wanted to write something different from my previous songs, which were love songs and songs about things going on in the world. I wanted to do a feel-good song that was fun and about partying.” - City Link - Colleen Dougher

"New Artist "Saskya Sky – Haitian Princess""

If It's Going Down – Preston Lowe Will Find Out About It....New R&B Artist Saskya Sky – Haitian Princess - Preston Lowe (Air Personality X102.3 WMBX FM West Palm Beach)

"One Minute To Shine Winner Saskya Sky Donating Prize To Yele Haiti"

By Shamika Sanders
February 11, 2010 6:10 pm
From November 24, 2009 until December 31, 2009 (549) people entered Black Planet’s One Minute To Shine contest. 1,688 votes later the contest came to an end. With 1,296 of those votes going to winner Saskya Sky.

The Urban interviewed the Haitian-born singer about her music career, her unique name and how the earth quake in Haiti has effected her family. - The Urban Daily


Touch Me - 2009 Produced by Trend Setta Entertainment
Party - 2010 Produced by Trend Setta Entertainment
Sound of Your Heart - 2010 Produced by N:F:K
Over Rated - 2010 Produced by N:F:K
Meet Me Over Here - 2011 Produced by Trend Setta Entertainment
Forever - 2011 Produced by Trend Setta Entertainment



Saskya Belizaire (born march 4th 1990) better known as Saskya Sky pronounced (Sa – Ski – Yah) is a recording artist and songwriter. Born in Thomassique, Haiti, Saskya along with her family moved to the United States in 2002. She has been writing and recording with independent label Trend Setta Entertainment in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Saskya continues to record, perform, and promote her music. Her single “Party” is available on iTunes. Saskya also collaborated with Czech Republic producer N:F:K (Not For Kids) to record “Sound of Your Heart” and “Over Rated”. Saskya’s love and compassion for the people of Haiti has always been a part of her recordings. Saskya wrote and recorded a song titled “My Haiti” in 2009 and also did a remix to Jay Z and Alicia Keys song “Empire State of Mind”, which Saskya named “I E T Haiti Cherie”. Saskya wasn’t ready to release the songs with a fear that people would not appreciate songs written about Haiti. The day of the earthquake Saskya decided to upload the song onto YouTube with pictures of Haiti prior to the earthquake. It was an instant success receiving 1200 views the first two hours.

Saskya was born to Ketely Chovet, a factory Worker, and Saura Belizaire a landscaper. Her mother a native of Haiti is of Afro-Dominican decent, and her father of Afro-Haitian decent. She is the eldest of 4 siblings; two younger sisters, Julie and Rose Belizaire as well as two younger brothers, David St. Phat and Jesus Belizaire. The name Saskya derives from a Creole story book her mother read as a child about a little girl name Saskya who was very caring and had a good heart. Her mother felt that she would be that person so she gave her the name.” Saskya was the child everyone knew in her town because of her distinguished red complexion, orange hair, and freckles. Saskya remembers a lot crime while growing up in Cap-Haitien. Saskya found music as an escape from her fears. She began singing at church around the age of eight. She studied the voice of Celine Dion, the charisma and style of Fredrick Francois, and the greatness of Michael Jackson. Saskya and a few church members formed a group that used to sing around the neighborhood. Her father migrated to the United States in 1998 to hopefully be able to move his family there for a better life. Saskya attended College Pratique du nord, in Cap-Haitien, Haiti until December 2002 when she came to the United States. Upon arriving and attending middle school Saskya struggled with the English language. She began to explore American music as a way to help with her English. Saskya began to spend her days and nights in the studio searching for her own sound and style. She began writing her own songs in English. Saskya’s writing skills continue to amaze everyone. After the success of “Touch Me”, Saskya Sky - Haitian Princess was born. Saskya currently attends college and performs locally in South Florida whenever the opportunity is available. Because of the internet Saskya has created a huge fan base via MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter, Reverb Nation, OurStage, BlackPlanet, and Hi5. Saskya’s fans are in America, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Canada, South America, Africa, Asia, UK, France, Italy, and Spain. Saskya has done several international radio interviews and has been featured on numerous websites such as, Sa’wPanse (Haiti), RIMEBACK Magazine (France) Haitian Today (Haiti), Haitian All Starz (New York) and most recently City Link Mix–Sun Sentinel (Miami)