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Asker, Akershus county, Norway | MAJOR

Asker, Akershus county, Norway | MAJOR
Band Pop Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



""Will Sassybeat be the next big group?" The record companys are after the 16 year olds - who are next years by:Larm favorite"

Translated from Norwegian:
- It was without doubt the best song we heard when we were picking out bands to Bylarm. We knew they were young, but not that they were 16 years - and certainly not that she was 13 when she wrote the song, "said Chief Bylarm Joakim Haugland told Dagbladet.

"She" is Anna Melkild (16) from Asker, who has played with Ingrid Rennemo (16) since they were 12-13 years - and as the last few years has been Sassybeat with Snorre Solvang (21).

Today Dagbladet present the list of next year's demo tape on Bylarm - that is, the new, unknown artists Sassybeat learned the news a week ago, when a TV2-team unexpectedly showed up at practice.

- Narrow needle's eye

After the television news, the previously completely unknown band has been overrun by requests. Several major record labels, management companies and overseas management and publishers has been calling.

- Things happen very fast, I notice, "says Anna - who has gone out of the dull hours of Rud high school to talk to Dagbladet on the telephone.

- We thought that the needles eye was very narrow, so we had really seen it as impossible to perform at Bylarm, " she continues.

The song that has impressed the Bylarm jury is called "The Mouse And The Bear." Sassybeat has recorded a homemade video in the basement, with green screen purchased on the Internet.

- With the right producer this can be a big hit in Norway, says Joakim Haugland Bylarm.

- A good feeling

Industry Bylarm festival has helped to highlight a number of Norwegian artists. Briskeby, BigBang, Sondre Lerche and Ida Maria are among those who have had a career break after having distinguished themselves greatly here.

- I have a pretty good feeling "admits Anna.

- What are your inspirations?

- I've grown up with Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and Neil Young - so they have to be mentioned first. But the newer bands are Florence and the Machine, Death Cab For Cutie, Harry's Gym, Vampire Weekend and MGMT, " says Anna, adding:

- Right now I'm just looking forward to play at Bylarm
- Dagbladet (Norwegian national newspaper)

"By:Larm jury believes this is the next great band"

From prime time TV2 news, when TV2 is entering the rehearsal room with jury members to inform the band that Sassybeat has been picked out from 1500 bands to perform at the largest music industry gathering in Scandinavia- By:Larm - and says they believe they can be the next big pop band in Norway. -


None - yet! 2011 will be the year!



Anna and Ingrid are friends since they were 6 years old and debuted as a duo at 11 years of age at national television in a live show in front of 7000 spectators in the audience and 1 million watching TV. Some debut! They met Snorre in 2008 and formed the pop trio Sassybeat. They write all their songs themselves and have now a song list of almost 30 songs. They perform live, Anna at vocals, guitar, keyboard and Akai EWI, Ingrid at vocals, bass, electronic violin and keyboards and Snorre at drums, keyboard and his beloved Macbook. The computer runs Ableton Live on some songs where the band have pre-recorded basic bass and drums patterns, making themselves able to play violins, keyboard, percussions etc.on those songs. NEW: Sassybeat selected for performance at By:Larm in Oslo, Norway: