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Never the Same

Written By: Sassy Guerrero

im whispering the words that you ought to know
screaming the lines that might be hints to show
could this song send my message to let you feel my sorrow?

i'm wishing we'd let go of the past and revive the love, make it last
i want you, i need you, make my nights into day
but i just can't say it to you, guess there's no other way

ill keep waiting until this love story starts again
your memory will forever remain

let's get back to where we started
imagine the good times, the sparks in our eyes
my heart's never the same, i know we can't keep playing this game
let's bring back the flame, start all over again

seems like it's taking you forever
will it be us again or will it be never?
but for now, this life leads to nowhere, yeah it's going nowhere
until when will i hold on,
or must i move on?

refrain then chorus

i need you back, though i've had enough
let's start anew, you know i love you(2x)

chorus then fade

it's never the same