Sassy Molasses

Sassy Molasses

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Bluegrass, Country Blues, Folk & Funk had a love child. It's name: Sassy Molasses.


Sassy Molasses' Moriah Haven Lawson is known to put the sass in Grasshopper Juice. The mandolin virtuoso and record label "intern" has played with the likes of Wonky Tonk, Billy Wallace and the Virginia Blues, family bluegrass act Lawson Reunion, and occasionally gigs with Chick Pimp, Coke Dealer at a Bar.

Moriah performed solo and with three bands at the 2009 AYE Music & Art Festival. She has shared a stage with such notables as Rachel Goodrich, Peter Rowan, Jessica Lea Mayfield, The Macpodz, The Rumpke Mountain Boys, and The Pomegranates.

Now, she has joined forces with Thom Curran (Formerly of the Atriums) on bass, and Michael J. Hamilton (The Flux Capacitors, Vaudeville Freud) on drums to folk up your lonely little world.

Culling out every influence they've hidden in their delicious nooks & crannies, they truly create something unique, yet, oddly familiar. Grabbing inspiration out of every genre spanning from country blues, Patsy Cline, funk, bluegrass, to even a tad bit o' metal, composed with a twisted pop sensibility. Teaming all that with Moriah's steamy, smarmy lyrics creates one hot, delicious mess you won't soon forget.

The Sassy Molasses "4 Ep's Project" is in its developmental stages. Lawson Reunion's sophomore release is currently in post-production, Lawson contributing Vocals and Mandolin.

"On mandolin, Moriah Lawson had my “musician crush” vote for the night. Amazing to watch. Barefoot, with brown straight, short hair hanging in her face, her fingers move in a mad blur, and she’s the real thing." - C.A. MacConnell, CityBeat


Lay It Down

Written By: Moriah Haven Lawson

I gotta lay down my hate for ya, darlin'
Gotta lay down my hate for ya tonight
gotta lay down my hate for ya darlin'
gotta lay it down for you tonight

The expanse of your lies is scenic,
even Ripley would not believe it,
so-called truth remains a ruse.
Now that you've admitted,
you think that we shouldn't quit it
but, it's too late for you.

You come bustin' down my door,
can't live without me no more
but I've heard this once from you
You say that you love me only,
those whores just left you lonely,
I guess time will tell the truth...

(c) Moriah Haven Lawson 2011

Poor, Compulsive Little Me

Written By: Moriah Haven Lawson

You say woe is poor compulsive little me
Neil Young would disapprove so fervently,
well, have you ever sat and tried to chat
with someone who's on 4 caps of smack?
complain it's not the way ya wanna be, then
blame all of your actions upon me.
Claiming that you're the victim now,
'cause you're so damn full of yourself.

What makes you hide all the time?
What makes you get high all the time?
You wanna hide all the time,
so you get high all the time.

Pretention doesn't really suit me,
to suppose that you're the only one to see
reguarding you, my challenge now, is avoiding
language rather foul.
The new closely resembles all the old.
Way to beat the stigmatic addict mold.
Well I'm sure that you're elated now,
you got the milk before the cow

Oh, the wonders never seem to cease
the ways you find to infuriate me
you think your dick's for show and tell,
but it's average hon, I hate to tell,
there's not a thing that you could say to me
that would lead me away from the belief
that you were built for sheerest hell, no one else
could do quite as well.

(c) Moriah Haven Lawson 2011

I've Tried It All Twice

Written By: Moriah Haven Lawson

Cum if ya wanna,
Cum for me why don't ya?
You know how that makes me insane

So do ya wanna? Then get right on it.
I'm not here to play any games.

I do my best talkin'
when I'm on top, darlin'
you know I can make you insane

So get down on it, you'll wanna own it
get addicted to my taste

Well hon you just name it, then we're gonna play it
I've tried it all twice anyway

Just start up here darlin' then move right down on it
you know it will make us insane.

And now when you leave it, you're gonna find that you need it
thoughts of my touch will just stay on.......

(c) Moriah Haven Lawson 2011


The Live (Mostly) Demos (available at shows only)

Set List

I've Tried It All Twice
Poor,Compulsive, Little Me
Lay It Down
Train Song
Catch My Fancy
Pretend I'm Her
Couldn't Fall
Old Fashioned Morphine (Cover)
Eden's Lullaby
Screw Me Over & Over
A Most Disconcerting Sound
Clawin' At The Air
Falling For Straight Girls