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Feel Sorrier For Me (2006)
Regarding the Skull (2002)
To Je Fazole (Strawberry Levon)
That is Bean (Strawberry Levon)



Long Beach songstress, SAS, draws her introspective monologue to the surface each time she steps to the microphone. With a captivating vocal warmth, she crafts guitar-infused melodies as intricate as her narrative, embodying the comfort of an old friend at the very first greeting.

From the humble beginnings of a handmade cassette and a karaoke microphone duct taped to a floor lamp, SAS has ambitiously emerged a stand-out with an innovative style. Mentored by her own self-discovery, she has instinctively fused ingenuity with poetic vulnerability, revealing an intrinsic understanding of the human condition.

As a teenager carting around her ramshackle sound system and a borrowed guitar, she soon became a colorful fixture of the local music scene, where onlookers admired her raw talent and fresh perspective.
However, the more elaborate displays of showmanship originated with the SAS variety shows, where she would create a sensory experience, intertwining original songs with interpretive vignettes and costume changes.

With her first band, Strawbarry Levon, she released two cassettes, “That is Bean” and “To Je Fazole”, before going on to record her first solo EP, Regarding the Skull, in 2002. Her most recent album, Feel Sorrier for Me, featured some of Long Beach’s finest musicians, who lent their talents to enhance her unique sound and can also frequently be found supporting her in live situations.

In performance she interjects a sense of fun and frivolity while still maintaining an emotional depth and intellectual sophistication. She does not adhere to the traditional restrictions many musical acts impose upon themselves and often outfits her sets with interactive games and spirited decor, expressing a particular open mindedness/open-minded self-awareness which often goes unseen in modern musical interpretations.

Both years SAS had submitted an application for the Orange County Music Awards (2002-2003), she was nominated in the categories of “Best Live Female Performer” and “Best Song”. In September of 2007, she participated in the Schooled In Song benefit show for music education at the Carpenter Center in Long Beach, an event which was broadcast afterward as part of Charter Cable’s ‘on demand’ playlist. SAS was also selected to be a part of Season 1 of Open Mic TV, a music program highlighting independent artists which is now in network negotiation. Her live performance has been applauded in the OC Weekly by columnist Rebecca Schoenkopf, who comments, “But the highlights belonged to SAS, a young woman who looked like she’d just come from tramping on boxcars, and who had a pure, high voice and a retro songwriter’s flair. [I was] enchanted and enthralled.”

SAS possesses a passionate and witty intensity. Her melodic accessibility is combined with a raw and earthy delivery. With her eclectic writing and performing style she has won the hearts, souls and minds of many over the last several years. SAS presents the most genuine parts of herself in a refreshing exhibit of poignant candor.
She is an artist richer for following her own instincts.