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Satellite Dub

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom | SELF

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom | SELF
Band EDM


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This band has not uploaded any videos



""The breakbeat sound of North Lanarkshire""

"Imagine King Tubby driving a 34 foot bassbin through your house into your fishpond and you can imagine the breakbeat sound of North Lanarkshire according to Craig Brown." - Rob Da Bank (Radio 1)
- Rob Da Bank (DJ)

""If Moby or the Chemical Brothers had recorded this, they’d be able to buy their own continent""

"A riotous piece of soaring space-rock that crashes through your living room, landing in showers of sparks and explosions of percussion. Intricate and subtle without ever losing the euphoric, futuristic feel, this is one of Satellite Dub’s finest works to date. If Moby or the Chemical Brothers had recorded this, they’d be able to buy their own continent. 4/5 Stars." - Liam Arnold (The Skinny) - The Skinny

""It'd take a brave man to bet against this being a cult club smash""

"Rob Da Bank is already a fan of Lanarkshire electronica star Craig Brown and this brand new four tracker suggests he could be on the verge of something special. Fans of The Chemical Brothers should probably swerve the gently melodic breakbeat of the title track and head straight for Trying To Stop A Tank With Your Hands - a gritty club monster that Tom and Ed would swap Lily Allen for. It's the kind of all-guns-blazing track that Satellite Dub has been roadtesting at a string of high profile support slots and low key club gigs over the last few years. But it'd take a brave man to bet against this being a cult club smash" - News Of The World - News Of The World

""Next Scot to make you groove""

"Producer Craig Brown follows Mylo and Calvin Harris as the next Scot to make you groove." - Daily Record
- Daily Record

""Spaced out swagger ....." : CD review"

"When someone offers me something for free I immediately become suspicious. ‘What’s the catch?’, I think to myself. When it comes to someone offering me their material to review, different questions come to mind…. are they super confident for good reason or are they desperately trying to get someone to say something good about their work? Yeah, I have a negative and suspicious mind. As it turns out Craig Brown AKA Satellite Dub doesn’t need a good review, he has plenty under his belt, and as for confident, he has every right to be. Click to Enter EP is a veritable triumph of electronic excellence. While guitar may have previously been Craig’s instrument of choice, Satellite Dub sees him melding together beats, samples and synths in a sound that is experimental without being alienating. Opening track ‘Magnolia Lane’ has a sparkly pop tinge to its beat-based mellowness and as such could well become an essential soundtrack to the rare balmy summer nights which have been occurring of late. Picking up the pace and, more than likely, your feet is next track ‘Trying To Stop A Tank With Your Hands’. A great builder of a track that slowly pumps away at your senses until trying to stop yourself from dancing is as futile as…well…trying to stop a tank with your hands! Warmed up and raring for action, closing track Hardware Software Nowhere is my personal favourite of the EP. With a slightly retro looping synth and spaced-out swagger it deserves its recent No1 slot on Radio Magnetic’s New Music Chart. Click To Enter EP is a triple whammy of tripped-out goodness and a valuable lesson that the best things in life (for some) are free." - Rise And Shine zine

""A name to watch ....." : CD review"

"Satellite Dub AKA Craig Brown's buzzes, squips and squeaks belie the fact that he hails from Greengairs, one of the most nowhere places in Scotland, nay, the world. The disc opens with 'Magnolia Lane', a drumsy, whooshtastic, twinklefest that brings to mind what it may sound like if Amon Tobin and Aphex Twin collaborrated on a track ripping the piss out of Royksopp. 'Trying to Stop a Tank With Your Hands' is a gem of a track that you can easily imagine playing over Keanu Reeves chucking floppy discs at big metal octopuses, with its sleazy driving bass lines pulling you close and wrapping its scary but comforting arms around you. The EPs crowning glory, though, is 'Hardware Software Nowhere', a big, evil, epic that takes the baton left behind by Orbital and rams it squarely up Moby's arse. Another filmic track, it could easily be the theme to the remake of Blade Runner. Despite his assertions that he is still finding his sound, Brown's ear for a good dirty groove looks sure to secure him a place alongside the other members of Scotland's dance aristocracy. Indeed, he is attracting the attention of all the right people, most recently Steve Lamacq who has been giving it airplay on his radio one show. A name to watch. 4/5." - The Lick

""Something quite special ....." : CD review"

"Following in the footsteps of Mylo’s successful crossover to the big time, Satellite Dub appear on the verge of something quite special. Magnolia Lane showcases the lighter side of this electro-clash collection, and could easily be lifted from The Chemical Brothers or The Postal Service. However, Satellite Dub almost seem more comfortable with their brooding dark side, experimenting much more on Hardware Software Nowhere. Taking a simple lick and layering so much metallic sound on top shows that there is no fear of pushing the box in the pursuit of making ‘music that will lift people out of there skins.’ Seeing the praise received it is clear that Satellite Dub could be on the verge of taking their sound to the crowds it certainly deserves. Apparently Satellite Dub are just finding their sound. If this is the warm up then things are looking pretty good for electro north of the border. 4 out of 5." - High Voltage

""Essential ....." : CD review"

"Featured in these very pages just a few missives ago with the superb ‘Power off Einstein’ EP which if you haven’t invested in yet then the question has to be asked why are you reading these missives in the first place? Satellite Dub is the brainchild and vehicle for the multi talented Craig Brown and as with previous releases ‘Click to Enter’ is strictly limited to just 200 copies so we suggest you get off your arses and grab a piece of the action because with Festival season looming these little gems could prove to be the late night entertainment blasting from the decks of those in the know. As previously this EP features three more psychotropic trips into the cosmic void to find Brown capably fusing electronica and studio wizardry with elements of club culture to share the same melodic currency as Brighton’s very own Puffin Boy. ‘Magnolia Lane’ opens the set incorporating a hybrid Sun Ra aspect to its core that’s been dusted down by a throbbing drum ‘n’ bass grind that’s left to bask in the celestial glow of sun spot action all the time tenderly trimmed by a serenely delivered nursery room coda. ‘Trying to stop a tank with your hands’ is a darker affair still, trance vibes screw up your head with their looping hypnotic overload as they lock target with the heavy bearing Front 242 interpretation of euro disko creating into the bargain a heady psychotronic mind set to blow you away. Closing the set with the gem like ‘Hardware Software Nowhere’ is where space rock meets futuro pop, not a million miles from the gruelling warp ambient slant of Echoboy’s ‘Scene 30’ this fluid hyper driving shape shifter gives a unique glimpse of what the offspring resulting from an illicit late night studio meeting between Jean Michel Jarre, Orbital and Yello might have resulted in. Of course goes without saying essential, expect turntable slaughter action at a club near you." - Losing Today

""Exhilirating ....." : live review"

"Satellite Dub is Craig Brown, hi-phat audio dance enthusiast. His avuncular attitude and intense enthusiasm coupled with thundering, sleazy bass grooves, rampant samples and pumping beats is exhilirating. Brown is a bouncing, sweaty, jack in the box. He seems to slip inside the sounds he creates - mouthing the sampled words, clapping along, pushing buttons and spinning knobs with great panache. Before the end he invites anyone who might "want a wee dance to feel free." Looking around I see Jocky from Private Jackson bobbing his head wildly. These beats are so phat that even indie kids dance!" - T-Break website


London Has More Lights EP (SDUBCD04)
Click To Enter EP (SDUBCD03)
Power Off Einstein EP (SDUBCD02)
Sessions #1 : Volume Is Necessary (SDUBCD01)

Tracks from all CDs have received airplay on Radio 1, Radio Scotland, Radio Magnetic and more from DJs including Steve Lamacq, Rob Da Bank, Vic Galloway and Jim Gellatly.



The name Satellite Dub may conjour up images of other worlds, but behind the psuedonym is Mr Craig Brown, a man with his feet firmly on planet earth. The past few years have seen a complete change of direction for the former guitarist. Putting his five string to the side, Craig decided to immerse himself deep into the world of synthesizers, samplers and music software, focused on learning how to use (and abuse) the cutting edge technology he had to hand. Satellite Dub's core sound is an ever evolving layer of electronic textures, synths, drums, and melody. Pulsing sonic rhythms are woven together by rolling, delicate hooks to make up this unique interstellar soundscape. Whilst influenced by such peers as Primal Scream, My Bloody Valentine, Death In Vegas, Autechre and DJ Shadow, Craig's passion for the more obscure also draws comparisons to such styles of music as Krautrock, Psychedelia and the work of a number of Avant Garde composers.

Highlights include : Airplay from DJs Rob Da Bank, Vic Galloway, Steve Lamacq, Huw Stephens & Jim Gellatly. Live session for Radio Magnetic. Showcases at Go North, T-Break & Musicworks. Support slots with Digitalism, Calvin Harris, Christ., Max Sedgley & Future Engineers. Filmed by BBC Scotland performing for The Music Show. Filmed performing live and interviewed by STV.