Satellite Kiss Goodnight

Satellite Kiss Goodnight


Satellite Kiss Goodnight is a 5-man progressive rock band from Boston, MA. Their numerous influences and endless dedication to their art, along with their high-energy and meaningful music makes for a hard-hitting, deliciously volatile sound that's hard to hate and harder to ignore.


Satellite Kiss Goodnight. Five committed musicians from the south shore of Massachusetts come together to form a new perspective on rock music. With influences that are only limited by the scope of their senses, they are single-handedly breaking down the walls between genres to expand perceptions of modern music. However, they are by no means unclassifiable; every genre they explore is seamlessly combined with a crowd-pleasing hard rock sound. With explosive riffs, thought-provoking lyrics, and a stage presence that can only be described as electric, Satellite Kiss Goodnight is not an act to be missed. Furthermore, their intensity is by no means a cover for lack of ability; each member brings a notable amount of unique and progressive skill from eclectic and diverse backgrounds. These five talented vocalists and songwriters are no less devoted than the very sincerest of musicians. Though your personal tastes may vary, you’ll be tempted admit that there is something curiously different about them.


The Descent

Written By: Satellite Kiss Goodnight

Compromised by fate, no chance of being saved.
The heaven that you trust and anticipate
Is a myth our fathers made.

I’m still shallow.
Was it worth this?
My lungs fill by the gallon.

Dole, I lay in this hole.
Buried deep.

Hold the rest of my soul.
It is all that I have.
There is not much left.

Every passage of this body has been made a river.
Organs that were vital, now all have withered.
No sight of the shore; miles from the harbor;
Helplessly descend to the depths of a nameless death.

He had no descendants. He had no relatives.
The single thing he had, all he had to give,
Was a message to the earth, through his fractured limbs,
Some things you will never understand,
No matter how long you live.

What’s left of these bones
The weight of the cold
Has taken it’s toll.

My heart is an anchor.
It’s wrapped around my ankles.

The Berkshire Incident

Written By: Satellite Kiss Goodnight

To this date, I’ve been afraid.
With my back to the pavement,
I lie awake—
Praying to a god that I never once believed,
Now I am asking him to save me.

London and the west country.
This earth is a home for the dying and the lonely.
Couldn’t find a better plan or a better way out

A royal marine with his arm stretched for hers
Could only bear witness to a nine-year old girl
Whose eyes shone bright before they met rest.
A hero in ruins with a hole in his chest.

“This could have been avoided”
The public, they cry.
As they come to mourn
The seven who have died.

I was parked on the track
When the signal came down.
The train was approaching.
I heard an officer shout.
My body, a statue,
Fastened to the seat.
I braced my soul
And let the collision take me.

To this date, I’m still afraid
I will forever lie awake
Deep within this grave.
Waiting for a god
To come and rescue me

I saw you here on Sunday.
Thank you for the flowers.
Remember me, my love.

Roundhouse Kick to the Face

Written By: Satellite Kiss Goodnight

Get on the ground.
Does this look like the face I’d make if I was fuck’n around?

Silence your bleeding mouth.
Nothing can help you now.
You’re scared. I can tell.
You bit the bullet, but you swallowed the shell.

The dead own this town.
Unsettled hidden hounds.
Strap all the rounds.
Make each one count.

You promised a sunset, You promised the stars,
But I promised chaos, and look what we’ve got.

The gates to the graveyard swinging beside a dark vacant church:
It’s bell is cracked, but the choir is singing.
Every empty hearse will soon be full.
So damn-it grab your guns,
We’ve got some work to do.

You promised a sunset, You swore on the stars,
But I promised chaos, and look what we’ve got.
Is it just me, or am I just blind?
I swear you broke yours, and I kept mine.

Lock & Load.
These bullets are the only things around here telling the truth.


LP: Searching For Silence
1. From This Distant Sound
2. 2182 kHz
3. The Metropolis
4. Philistine
5. Roundhouse Kick to the Face
6. Maladjusted
7. This Just In
8. A Privative Passage
9. Channel 16
10. The Descent
11. 0870 010 0732
12. The Berkshire Incident

Songs available for online streaming:
The Descent
Roundhouse Kick to the Face
The Berkshire Incident
The Metropolis

Set List

[Current Set List]
1. From This Distant Sound
2. Clock Tower, 2182 kHz, The Metropolis
3. Voco Breakdown 1, Roundhouse Kick to the Face
4. These White Lines Are Walls, A Privative Passage
5. Channel 16, The Descent
6. The Berkshire Incident
[Set length 40 minutes]

[Typical set length 40 minutes]