Satellite Sasquatch

Satellite Sasquatch


3 Great Friends from parts of Ohio, banding together for the love of music.
Coheed and Cambria,
Led Zeppelin Official,
The Clash,
Dream Theater


Satellite Sasquatch wasn't a planned all the way band at first. Formed in Huber Heights, Ohio we first started off just messing around in a room in lainharts house that was empty just playing at random. (See Satellite Sasquatch - Juney)

Later on we became more serious about getting together and writing songs so the empty room was soundproofed and more instruments were added to it. We didn't have a name at the time but we wanted to make music so we just stuck to that for a while. Many months of procrastination from others & from just work getting in the way we managed to pull it all off. Now we're more serious than ever.

And Satellite Sasquatch was Born.

Set List

95% all Original material

5% Cover