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Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
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Pete Kicks and Kim Kicks are brother and sister in the band Satellite Sky from Melbourne, Australia.

Pete (VoX/guitar) and Kim (drums) have been spreading their love for music throughout Los Angeles for a couple years since Satellite Sky was created back in June 2010. They've been playing music together all their lives and both enjoy the fact that they have each other throughout their journey and this adventure in the music industry. Knowing that it was going to be somewhat of a struggle to come to Los Angeles from Australia, they were focused and set their mind to doing what they have to do to be able to play in California. They travel back and forth playing at venues and showcases that gives them the opportunity to share their passion and talent with their fans.

I got the chance to meet Satellite Sky at the Music Industry Showcase March 28 at the King King in Hollywood along side Ignacio Val and Eric Knight. I was able to check out their sound check before the actual showcase and I got really excited because I liked their music and energy. I sat down with them to talk about their music and what it’s like to be in a band with your sibling. When they initially came to the States, a few members of theirs decided not to continue on with the band, so Pete and Kim chose to continue on the journey with one another. They found the journey to be what they wanted and were expecting, now their bond is stronger than ever. They knew that as long as they had each other and they love what they do, there will be no sign of stopping anytime soon. Pete and Kim do have disagreements as any siblings do, but they understand that if there is work that needs to be done and taken care of, they put whatever disagreement or argument that they have aside and focus on what’s important.

Satellite Sky was the first band to perform at the Music Industry Showcase at King King and I was blown away, not only by their music but by their stage performance. As a huge fan of the drums I enjoyed watching Kim show her skills while mouthing the lyrics and swaying her head from side to side. I always enjoy seeing female musicians, especially those that are very talented and able to rock out and do it with flare. I really enjoy their songs ‘I Like It’ and ‘With You’ which is off of their recent EP that was released in May 2011. Pete and Kim are enjoying every moment being able to play and create music, especially being able to do it here in Los Angeles. I know that they will go far because with their love for one another and staying focused, nothing will stand in their way. - CROWNED REBELLION


The final day of the SXSW festival has arrived and all signs point to it being a good one. On the way to the bus a middle-aged lady with frizzy blond hair stops me and asks me where I am from. When I mention Australia she touches my arm and says, “Well, god bless you, and welcome to Austin,” before continuing on her way. The morning gets even more bizarre as my bus seems to contain every conspiracy theorist in the US and they go through topics ranging from the end of the world to a secret plan by the US government to introduce humanoid robots into the society. Then driving through the city I notice that an uncommon amount of people are wearing green. Thinking the world has indeed gone crazy I eventually realise it is St Patrick’s Day… everything makes more sense now.

Today is the day of the Aussie BBQ, the highlight of the Australian calendar at SXSW. Held at Maggie Maes it is already at capacity just after 1pm as people cram in to hear some fantastic Australian music and score a free snag. There is a veritable feast of music on offer and the only problem is deciding which acts to see. Walking into the venue there is a weird sense of being transported back home. There are giant triple j posters and banners plastered all over the place and the whole venue is awash with Australian accents, flags and paraphernalia. There is a huge line for the BBQ serving free sausages and burgers.

Satellite Sky is playing in the Gibson Room, pounding out some pure unadulterated rock. They definitely look like a rock band, and their energy is incredible. There was so much chemistry between the band members it was no surprise to learn later that they are siblings. There appears to be genuine warmth between them and they interact well on stage. Kim Kicks is absolutely lethal on the drums and I’ve never seen anyone drum quite so passionately. -


March 08, 2011

Kim Kicks performs with Satellite Sky. This band was formed in Australia and is now located in Los Angeles. They will be performing at SXSW and their latest record was produced by Paul Lani (U2, Bowie, Prince, Rod Stewart). - Gibraltar

"SXSW Aussies in Austin- Page 46-48"

by Jonathan Burnside

I headed down Sixth Street, which, during South by Southwest, is closed to traffic and is absolutely packed with music-goers. Through an open window of one of the smallish clubs that seem to line the street for miles, I sqw a woman with multi-coloured hair smashing her kit like each drum was the captive head of a loser ex-boyfriend. That and the sign that read 'Three Dollar maragritas' provided plenty incentive to get me through the door.

Drink in hand, I was basking in the noisy grunge/ glam energy when the singer yelled out, “Thank you Austin! We’ve come all the way from Melbourne, Australia to play for you and we’re having a blast!”. I was surprised. The show wasn’t an official South By Southwest showcase, just one of the hundreds of events taking place each day and night free to the public, no wristband required. South By Southwest has taken on such a momentum that artist from around the globe head Austin to take their places without official showcase bookings. Every record store, dive bar, pizza joint, laundromat and pawn shop puts on sideshows on their retail floor or parking lot. I wondered whether this Aussie band had busked rather than BBQ’d their way to Austin.

After the show, I introduced myself to Melburnian siblings Kim and Pete Kicks, the drummer and guitarist / singer of Satellite Sky.

Jonathan Burnside: More Aussies! I had no idea where you were from when I wandered in. Your show wasn’t an official showcase. Does that mean you’ve come all this way on your on bat?

Pete Kicks: Yes. Being an independent band, we organized everything ourselves with no label, management or government support. We had been over to the US before and made friends with the other bands we played with while here. They’ve been happy to lend us a hand and they helped us get these Austin shows, as well as dates in Arizona and Los Angeles.

JB: So you’re not ones just to fill out an application, lick a stamp and hope someone agrees to help you make your dreams come true?

Kim Kicks: We can make it to the post, but we’re not people who have the patience to wait for acceptance letters in the mail. The world is a big place and if you really believe in what you're doing, don't sit around waiting for someone else to approach you or fund you to come and play festivals like South By Southwest. We work, work and then we do more work. We go out there and make it happen for ourselves. We make sure our live show is at a level that will allows us to stand out from the crowd. The work pays off. Every venue we’ve played in the States has let us know we’re welcome back any time.

JB: What motivated you to do all this work to play at South By Southwest in particular?

KK: While some say size doesn't matter, it really does in this instance. almost everyone involved in the music industry in the U.S and most parts of the world are here representing. For us personally, the fact that all our shows were on 6th St definitely helped expose us to a wider audience. Most of the connections we made were quite random and involved people like yourself, who happened to be walking past the venue while we were playing and liked what they heard. As a band, it's easy to get lost amongst the hundreds of other bands playing at that moment, so we were lucky that some of the stages we played opened onto 6th St and we were able to draw in crowds. Working with some good event promoters also helped. They were very supportive in creating a buzz about our shows.

JB: Having walked the walk, how would you advise intrepid Aussie considering such a move?

PK: I’d advise them to carry their passports when driving from L.A to Austin. We didn't. Unbeknown to us, there was a U.S border control just outside of El Paso. We were detained at 7am in a small office in the middle of the desert until several phone calls were made verifying who we were. It was like some bad American movie. We were just wishing we weren’t the ones appearing in it.

JB: So what’s the tally? Do you believe the trip has paid off for you?

PK: Definitely. We met awesome people and bands throughout the week. Several of the bands we played with have asked us to tour with them in the future and we've forged good working relationships. But it's not really about an end result at this moment. We see it as a starting point for our band in the U.S. We received a really positive response from our shows and any time there is an opportunity to play to crowds like in Austin, it reaffirms our desire to tour consistently and to get our music out. We're definitely not going to sit on our asses waiting for someone else to do the work for us. And now we have several opportunities waiting that have since come our way as a result of playing at SxSW. It’s been well worth the work.

I said goodbye to Satellite Sky and limped off into the busy crowd. It had been a great week of music but rough at times. In an unsuccessful effort to pass myself off as local colour, I’d worn a pair of black cowboy boots on my first day of revelry in Austin. After a long afternoon session of listening and drinking, I crossed a cobblestone street with a friend who was by then literally and figuratively blind. His seeing eye dog bolted, now also blind having lapped up several Lone Star tallboys. I viciously twisted my ankle as the heel of my boot sank into a rut while trying to save my friend from a fall. As we hobbled to the corner, my friend (let’s call him John, because that’s his name), heard beats blasting from a boom box that belonged to a dozen Brooklyn rappers busting rhymes on the sidewalk. John promptly dropped his pants, showed them his third eye and yelled, “hip-hop sucks!”, an opinion I neither endorse or agree with. “The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You” suddenly played in my head as everyone on the street glared at me

as I tried to pull John’s pants up with one hand and grab for the drunken dog with the other. Ah, Texas! Well worth the trip. - Audio Technology Magazine

"What's Happening- Page 26"

Melbourne indie rockers Satellite Sky have just released their self-titled debut EP. Recorded in L.A with producer Paul Lani (U2, Bowie, Prince, Rod Stewart), two of the songs, With You and I Like It made quite a splash at the L.A Film Festival where they were featured in the Netflix Best Film Award Almost Kings. 2011 has already seen the siblings tour throughout the U.S, including several standout showcases at SxSW in Austin, Texas. You can also catch them in the upcoming U.S documentary 'Rockin The Wall'. Their EP is available for download on iTunes. - APRA

"Gretsch Current Artists"

About the Artist
"Kim Kicks has quickly become known as one of the best rock drummers around, with enough energy to light up a small city, fusing humor and flash with a loud, dominating stage presence… like a female version of the Animal from ‘The Muppets’, with true musicianship.”
-Devon Wendell, International Review of Music

Satellite Sky. Prior to this, my brother Pete and I played in various bands with different musicians until we formed Satellite Sky.

Why did Kim choose Gretsch?
Why did you choose our products? I was given a Gretsch kit in appreciation for helping out a friend. I have since used that kit and loved it. The sound that can be pulled from the 20”kick is awesome. .. it’s not the size that matters!!!!..but how you use it! Being in an independent band, I have had to carry my kit around and pack it into small cars on tour so the 20” kick served it’s purpose while still getting a great sound out of it.
I was then loaned a Gretsch maple snare and it has travelled the world with me. I love the durability and the sound…my drums get quite a beating and have to be a great product to survive.

Gretsch Connection
20” kick,
12” Rack tom,
14” floor tom
14” snare
two x crash (18” & 19”)
20” ride

As far as drummers go...Animal (the muppets), John Bonham (Lef Zep), Dominic James (Muse)), Paul Hester (Split Enz/Crowded House), Mike Bordin (Failth No More), Will Calhoun (living Colour), Ketih Moon (The Who), all the "Funk Brothers" drummers.

I admire any artist in any artistic field whether it be music, photography, painting, sculpture, etc, who does anything that is awesome and unique and does it out of passion because they live, breathe, sleep and dream it - Artists who pursue their dreams and passions no matter what. - Gretsch Drums


Satellite Sky EP (2011)



Satellite Sky is the musical vision of Australian siblings, Pete Kicks (vocals/guitar) & Kim Kicks (drums). It sees an exploration of their rock n roll influences with a grandiose flavor akin to artists such as The Verve and Bowie, while drawing on raw elements of Supergrass and The Hives.

Working with producer Paul Lani (U2, Motley Crue, Prince), Satellite Sky released their debut EP in May 2011. Widely acclaimed by both industry and fans alike, they have significantly increased their reputation as a formidable songwriting force. Two of the tracks, ‘I Like It’ and ‘With You’ can be heard in L.A Film Festival winner ‘Almost Kings’. The Band will also feature in the forthcoming music documentary ‘Rockin The Wall’ while their latest single 'Got This Feeling' will feature in Budweiser's upcoming Summer Olympics campaign in The U.S.

This year has seen the Band touring throughout the U.S including several standout showcases in Los Angeles and at SxSW in Austin, Texas. Last October, they headed to New York to officially showcase at the CMJ Festival.

Prior to forming Satellite Sky, Pete & Kim toured consistently throughout the globe. This included performances at Popkomm, Canadian Music Week, SxSW, and exclusive showcases in Los Angeles, New York, London and Berlin. Their music has received significant radio support at both national and international levels, including KROQ (USA), X-FM (UK), and Triple J (Aus).

Anchored by what many industry insiders regard as “one of the best female drummers on the planet”, Satellite Sky has a stage show that leaves audiences with the knowledge they were witness to an extraordinary Rock ‘n Roll experience!