Satellites & Sirens

Satellites & Sirens


We are an Electronic, Pop, Rock band from Nashville, TN. We sound like if Jimmy Eat World was a band in the 80's, lots of synths and loops with a melodic rock edge.

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Ready To Save

Written By: Satellites & Sirens

I see the lines streaming down your face
They tell me that your'e not ok
Why are you afraid
I see the bruises on your knees
It tells me that you've been here
Crying out for days

When did you stop believing
There was hope for you
When will you realize
You will make it through

There is a love, You've been waiting for
There is an answer, There is a cure
There is a healer, Who's ready to save you
He's ready to save you
He's ready to save

I see the scars on your arms
They're telling me your story
They're showing me your heart
I see the failure in your eyes
It tells me that your'e fading
Like a picture over time

Pre (same as pre1)

Breakdown, breakdown let it out
Don't hold the hand of another doubt
You gotta know, yeah you gotta know
There's something more to this life if you let go


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Ready To Save

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