Satisfaction/A Rolling Stones Experience
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Satisfaction/A Rolling Stones Experience

Shreveport, Louisiana, United States

Shreveport, Louisiana, United States
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"Satisfaction in Las Vegas"

LAS VEGAS SUN- You may have missed seeing the Rolling Stones when they recently came to town, but you can still get your "satisfaction" with a show featuring the Rolling Stones.

Musical band Satisfaction pays tribute to the ageless rockers in "Legends in Concert" at the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino. Lead singer Chris LeGrand nails the vocal style and theatrics of flamboyant Mick Jagger, and Jim Riddick is dead-on as the eccentric Keith Richards. Together with the rest of their band, Satisfaction will have you jumping like Jack Flash.
- Las Vegas Sun

"Satisfaction rocks Virginia Theater"

"Satisfaction Guaranteed"
Rolling Stones tribute rocks Strasburg Theater in Virginia on May 31st, 2007
by Joe Hebert
Ok, quick disclaimer here: anybody who knows me, knows that I've never been one for the tribute bands, and I usually stay away from them whenever possible. I’ve witnessed ‘The Royal Scam’ a few years back, and they did a nice turn on Steely Dan, but nothing to write home about. Back in the 80’s, I caught “The Back Doors”, which was a decent ‘Doors’ tribute featuring a guy named Jim Hakim. I’ve also seen a few other tribute bands over the years, yet never really enjoyed them enough to want to go back for seconds. But with the thought of hearing some killer late 60's /early 70's Stones material, (my absolute favorite era, with the incomparable Mick Taylor in the lineup), well, I figured I’d better go and check these guys out. I was still a bit unsure what to expect, but I knew it would at least be interesting. In the end, my concerns about execution and style would be completely erased. Talk about your “A Game”? These dudes brought it big time. Billing themselves as “Satisfaction- a Rolling Stones Experience”, this group of five incredibly talented musicians came in and simply blew the doors off the Strasburg Theater last night. Judging from the intense energy, supreme musicianship and ever-evolving costume changes of front man Chris “Mick” LeGrand, “Satisfaction” proved to provide just that for the sold out crowd in attendance.

Let’s start at the most logical place- the music. From the opening strains of their well produced ‘stones overture’ which kicked into a blistering ‘Street Fighting Man’, to the crowd-pleasing closer “You Can’t Always Get What You Want’, these guys proved that they came to play. Focusing almost exclusively on the ‘classic stones’ material, which covers the period from around 1969 through 1973, “Satisfaction” continually hammered out crisp, clear and very well performed versions of Stones hits from the World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band’s swollen catalogue. The 'Can’t You Hear Me Knockin' alone was worth the price of admission. (The theater charged a reasonable $15 in advance/ $18 at the door). But it wasn’t just the music that kept us dancing and singing along to the end. “Satisfaction” brings a well thought out and beautifully executed production to the stage, and if you look at it just right, their “Mick” and “Keith” (eerily portrayed by Jim Riddick) are so close to the real thing, it’s actually kind of scary. I say close to the real thing, but not quite.

Truth be told, the ‘real’ Stones haven’t sounded this tight in ages. Most Rolling Stones fans would admit that their live material reached its zenith back on the 1969 “Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out” LP release. Since then, it’s always difficult for me to distinguish the different guitar parts on live Rolling Stones recordings, but tonight, all that wondering was put to rest. Their rhythm section was rock- solid throughout, with a drummer (Carl Bass) who kept time like a metronome, and a bass player (Tony Fortuna) who not only thumped out the signature bass lines to perfection, but also stood there stoically like Bill Wyman always did - bass held defensively up in front of his face, while offering up the occasional back-up vocal. With respect to the guitars, both axemen proved quite adept and capable of handling lead guitar duties, though the guy on stage right (Charlie Trador -presumable playing the Mick Taylor/ Ron Wood role) taking the lion’s share of big leads. Many of us hard core followers have been frustrated for years wondering just which guy (MT or KR) played what leads, and it was only years later that I was finally able to nail it down, thanks to a fantastic stones website that explains everything. (search “Keno’s Stones Website”) Suffice to say, if Mick Taylor was in the band, he was more than likely playing those red-hot leads. (Heartbreaker, Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’, Sway, Dead Flowers, Winter, Silver Train, Moonlight Mile..) This is not to say that “Keith” was some sort of slouch, posturing and going through the motions onstage, like he does now. No, the Keith that showed up tonight was the Keith we all love and miss: dark, edgy, mysterious, hungry, and musically at his peak. In fact, more than a few listeners found themselves wishing the Rolling Stones would just play this material, this well. But if you go back and listen to some of those albums like “Sticky Fingers”, “Let it Bleed” and “Goat’s Head Soup”, you’ll understand why these guys could afford to rest on their laurels for 30 some odd years. The material is simply that good.
With a sterling light show provided by Brian Mullins, some vintage gear, authentic 60’s and 70’s costumes, and the aforementioned sound, (made possible by yet another incredible mix by house soundman Robbie Sullivan) “Satisfaction” brought just that to the appreciative crowd. Many of the folks were up and dancing in front, and clearly, the boys were having a great time up there. If you like the Stones, and miss hearing those classic hits the way they ought to be heard live, this is the perfect opportunity for you to “Get Yer Ya -Ya’s Out.” Satisfaction guaranteed.

(Joe Hebert is a singer/songwriter, photographer, and music writer living in the Shenandoah Valley.)
- Joe Hebert

"Client Quotations"

“They shined just like the real Stones at the Imperial Palace in Vegas”-Today in Las Vegas Magazine

“The best tribute show we’ve ever had...they looked and sounded more like the originals than anyone”-Clearwater Casino/Seattle

“One of the largest crowds we’ve ever had in our showroom...the buzz was the real Stones were here!”- Horseshoe Casino

“They told us we would get the look...the sound...and the attitude of the Stones...we got it all plus more! awesome performance”-Turner Broadcasting

“Fantastic show...they’ll be back again and again”-Harrah’s Hotel & Casino

“Blew away the competition...the only Stones tribute out there that delivers the entire package”-Keswick Theatre

“The next best thing to the Rolling Stones” ...CBS News New York

“We got “Satisfaction” ...the house was
Packed”- Hollywood Casino/Shreveport

“They’ll have you jumping like Jack Flash!”- Las Vegas Sun
- Random


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Satisfaction/The International Rolling Stones Show " is the international touring tribute production dedicated to the World's Greatest Rock & Roll Band. Now in it's eight year of production and over 1500 performances, this highly acclaimed production showcases the most authentic cast & costuming of it’s kind. The likes of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and cast bring a colorful performance to over 45 years of classic hits. Featured in Rolling Stone, People, Las Vegas Today, CBS Sunday Morning news and hundreds of national newspapers, magazines, television & radio. Internationally recognized as the world’s greatest show honoring the Rolling Stones and their legacy.

Rolling Stone magazine: "One of the best tribute shows in the world"
Las Vegas Sun: "Shined just like the real Stones on the strip"
Las Vegas Showbiz: "They have you in the aisles like Jumping Jack Flash"
CBS Sunday News: “The next best thing to The Rolling Stones”

In 2005 the show joined the cast of Legends in Concert as the first Rolling Stones act ever on the Las Vegas strip and in 2007 Satisfaction was featured in a CBS Sunday Morning News segment proclaiming the group as the next best thing to The Rolling Stones.