Sativa Prophets

Sativa Prophets

 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
BandHip HopIndie

Art and Hip-Hop Collective. #iamsativa


The Sativa Prophets are an art and hip hop collective based in Oklahoma City. Full of Producers, Emcees, Visuals Artists, and Musicians, the Prophets Utilize their skill sets to push one another to the next level. The abstract that is their music is definitively depicted within their individual artwork. A new age Tribe Called Quest or a suburban Wu Tang? Whatever you want to call the Sativa Prophets they leave you wanting to hear more. The crowds of The Norman Music Festival and the Center of The Universe Festival had their party pants on. A long list of touring acts have had the prophets loosen up the fans. Wherever they go they give you full blown energy and catchy soundtracks.

Banding together in late 2013, the Prophets have released a number of projects and continue to gain momentum. New member Mars Deli got together with producer Igloo Panda for his debut "Dogs Can Totally Smile" album. Igloo Panda has released a few Instrumental EPs and albums including "Doom Hop". With his crafty sound selection, Panda's influence comes from J Dilla, Flying Lotus and those alike. Rodrick Malone introduced himself with "My Name is Rod" in 14' and is set to release his follow up "Dreams". HuckWheat has few solo projects under his belt with the most recent being "Buddha Leaf". Huck and his wife Velma Louise are next with their EP "Baby Free Day". Singer/Songwriter Aaron Joseph Newman brings in the Top 40 feels with singles like "Ultraviolet". Located in Denver, CO Aaron gives the Prophets a third arm with how to reach the people. After the release of his "Roomful Of Elephants" in 2015 Aaron has been thrown in the loop of majors and continues to gain momentum.

With banging Igloo Panda beats providing smooth and heavy drops during records. The Prophets are able to keep the crowds energy on edge as Huck provides raspy soul vocals to go along with a technical pun filled flow. Malone's suburban hippy rap style and demeanor give them charisma and charm. Aaron will leave you pieces of his life in his uplifting satire writing style. Topped off with Mars Deli's high octane performances and urban space trap vibes. The Prophets are quite the spectacle on any medium of stages as well as air waves. 


"The Presentation" (2010)
Single: Shake It Off

"Success" (2011)

"Your Kneighbourhood Mixtape" (2011)
Single: Smoke Out

"YKM2: Garth Brooks Blvd" (2012)
Single: Pick n Roll

"Blacklight America" (2013)
Single: Twelve AM