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"Music Feature: Oroville's Satori blends rock's sartorial splendors"

ERIN A. TARABINI - Special to the Buzz

This is Chico. You can't walk out the door on a Friday night without tripping over a band "on the rise." So how do you set your feet in the direction of one particular group when there is such a healthy number of other bands to choose from?

For Satori, a promising four-man group out of Oroville, it is the assurance of an omnifarious sound -- a sound that can't be held within the parameters of just one genre -- and the guarantee that you'll leave their show wanting more.

The Satori sound can generally be described as melodic punk with a slight pop presence, all delivered with dutiful attention to lyrical content.

"We play all different types of music -- punk, emo, pop, rock," said guitarist Jeff Lawrence, 24.

Lawrence is joined by band mates Nick Caspers, 22, bass; Ashley Rubanoff, 21, drums; and Tyler DeVoll, 22, guitar and vocals.

"We aren't too threatened by other local bands because we have a very multidimensional sound."

While all hailing from musical families, the boys didn't officially band together to form Satori until 2001. Caspers, Rubanoff and DeVoll, all schoolmates, had just begun to play together when they decided one night to invite Lawrence to "jam with us."

"He stayed," said Caspers.

Their musical career got off to a slow but steady start, playing mostly house parties and the occasional school gig. But soon word of mouth kicked in and they found themselves being approached with more and more offers.

"A friend's party would lead to other parties and shows," said DeVoll. "At first we started playing covers, with only a few of our original songs thrown in. People would come up to us and say they thought the radio was playing because we did such good covers. But pretty soon, people actually started preferring our original songs."

And once the demand for original music was present, the need to keep up with it soon followed.

"We wanted to be different, but still write stuff that most people would like," said Caspers. "(When we started) we were more about individual ideas when writing. But now it is more of a group effort, collaboration."

So, now you have original music, and four enthusiastic musicians, but what comes next? What does all of this translate to on stage?

"I think people are drawn to us because of our sound, but then stay because of our performance," DeVoll said. "We don't have to force it."

"We have an amazing energy on stage, especially when we are all just clicking," added Rubanoff.

"We have a very happy medium between showmanship and music," continued Lawrence. "And it is a total group effort every time."

"We have good stage presence," finished Caspers.

While a lot of their stage time has been spent sharing venues with the likes of (the now defunct) Indecisive Youth and the popular Red With Envy (a pairing which also lead them to excellent representation by DevilKatRock Productions), as well as a very memorable New Year's Eve showing with Floater.

The group now looks forward to traveling around a bit and getting the chance to meet and play with other good bands. They have currently planned a trip to Oregon in April, and then in the summer, once the school semester has ended, "We tour!"

Flexible work schedules and generous bosses make this all possible. However, they each agree that, when it comes right down to it, the music is the most important thing.

Said Rubanoff, "You have to do it all now, before you get older and decide to settle down, have a family."

And speaking of families -- these four are lucky enough to have parents and family members that support the cause, even to the point of coming out to hear them play

"They are right there with us," said DeVoll.

"They support us emotionally and sometimes financially," agreed Lawrence. "They see that we are working really hard."

Presently, Satori's focus is to put together a song list for their second album, tour and advertise, and -- perhaps most importantly -- find a suitable label.

"It would be nice to be able to tour and not have to worry about the bills," Lawrence explained.

This is one area that the help of DevilKatRock and its head honcho, Katie Perry, comes in handy.

"We had no idea about the business end," said Rubanoff. "(Katie) really nails that. Now we have a little more pull, can book more shows. We just get to play and know that everything else is taken care of."

All of this gives the members of Satori a chance to focus on other areas.

Said Lawrence, "We just want to build up our fan base, and keep playing good music."

DevilKatProductions presents Satori, along with Red With Envy, Lavish Green Friday at LaSalles, 229 Broadway in Chico. Cover charge is $6. Show time is approximately 9:30 p.m.

(c) 2005 Chico Enterprise-Record. All rights reserved. Reproduced with the permission of Media NewsGroup, Inc. by NewsBank, Inc.
- Chico Enterprise-Record

"Sonic Samadhi"

By Michele Bechard

LaSalles, Wed., Sept. 8

The crowd at LaSalles last Wednesday was small but energetic as three bands delivered an eclectic mix of styles.

Opening was Holiday in Spain, a trio from Sacramento that reminded me a lot of early Nirvana. Holiday had a big sound centered on heavy, bass-driven power chords, with lots of feedback. "East of Eden" was particularly good with its (unintentional?) tribute line to the late Cobain: "Take this needle out/ stick it in your vein." If that isn't grunge, what is?

Next was Chico's Bear Hunter, featuring locals Clint Bear, Nick Hunter and Maurice Spencer. My familiarity with some of their other projects (most notably as the excellent Angry Inch band for the Blue Room's production of Hedwig) set me up to anticipate a tight set.

Spencer led a fascinating set of songs using effects pedals and climbing vines of interwoven melody to create a gorgeous cacophony. The set ran the gamut, going from Lennon-esque acid trip rock, then unexpectedly taking off with metal riffs and ringing bell tones--all out of a couple of guitars and a drum set.

Chico's Satori was up next, and the crowd gave a hero's welcome to these four guys with the clean, fast, edgy, punk-rock sound.

Most of their stuff was their own, although they rocked a cover of Van Morrison's "Brown-Eyed Girl" and completely brought the house down with a faux-reluctant encore that was hilarious: The four started to leave the stage, then, goaded by their fans, did a quick game of musical chairs, switching instruments before proceeding to break into a fantastic cover of "Thing Called Love," by The Darkness, complete with pitch-perfect upper-register vocals.

Too bad more people didn't come out to take advantage of three hours of diverse, fun music, and for a measly five bucks.
- Chico News and Review

"Artist of the Day - Feb 25"

Featured Artist of the Day

S.A.T.O.R.I., short for Sounds and Tempo of Real Inspiration, have been rocking audiences throughout California and Oregon since forming in 2001. Currently based in San Diego, the foursome has created a melodic modern rock sound featuring some inspired guitar riffing.

Fans of Thirty Seconds to Mars, Senses Fail, and Panic at the Disco will find much to like listening to S.A.T.O.R.I. You can catch them tonight at the Viper Room in West Hollywood. They are also featured in this week's LA / Orange County Best of the Week epiCAST podcast.


www.epitunes.com/artist/satori - epitunes.com


S.A.T.O.R.I. - Until Death; 2005 EP
All Tracks are Streaming audio and on radio in Medford, Or; Chico, CA; San Diego, CA



S.A.T.O.R.I. - Sounds And Tempo Of Real Inspiration. We formed originally in 2001 in a Northern California town called Chico. We now reside in So-Cal. S.A.T.O.R.I. is a high energy, driven and determined rock band in the general range of Story Of The Year, The Used, 30 Seconds To Mars, Fall Out Boy and Taking Back Sunday. Our band consists of four members ages 23-25. Ashley Rubanoff 23 (Drums), Tyler DeVoll 24 (Guitar& Lead Vocals), Jeff Lawrence 25 (Guitars), Brian Jensen 24 (Bass).

Upon inception S.A.T.O.R.I. hit up the college scene and quickly built a reputation with the local universities and frat parties. Soon after word spread and S.A.T.O.R.I. quickly moved up the ladder from frat party band to booking bigger venues such as La Salles, and playing cancer and African relief benefit shows with now well-established clothing line Meddy Clothing and sharing the stage with the likes of As I Lay Dying, Kutless, and MxPx.

Not a bit unaware of the music business, Ashley Rubanoff, Tyler Devoll and Jeff Lawrence grew up together and were once members of Chico, California’s punk rock band Blue Slip on Devil Kat Records. The band recorded three albums and toured the west coast. After a change in goals the band lost a member and the remaining members moved to Southern California to regroup and redefine their sound and image under our new name S.A.T.O.R.I. San Diego is where the band picked up Brian Jensen, who toured South America with a Christian Rock band playing cities such as Buenos Aires, Argentina; Montevideo, Uruguay; and Foz do Iguacu, Brazil.

After the birth of S.A.T.O.R.I. our loyal fans inspired and encouraged us to join forces with Producer Jay Short of Fat Cat Records and record our first EP "So Free." Again, hitting up the north – northwest tour S.A.T.O.R.I. won recognition with the radio stations and “So Free” has graced the airwaves.

We brought in the New Year with a bang opening for Seattle’s own Floater in our hometown of Chico selling out a 1400 ticket venue. Local Radio station Zrock said "best local turn out Chico has seen." We later picked up a Clothing sponsorship through Meddy Clothing, which has doubled our fan base and introduced us to great contacts. After realizing where we want to be as a group, making steps like these creates a determination that won’t let anything stop us.

We are currently working on finishing our album and looking forward to taking it on the road. We made our EP; we got some really intense results. Now we want to rock the full-length album on tour and making appearances with MxPx and Mike Herarra’s new country project Tumbledown. We are also building a new website for fans to get info and stay hip to the band while on tour. Our new CD and Merchandise will also be available on the site www.satorirock.com. After the New Year we will be working with C-Rob Films and shooting our first music video to put on our website and on DVD.

With large goals in store, and a hard work ethic the band continues to enjoy loaded schedules and what Southern California and the rest of the world has in store for us. A New Year brings a new album and attitude to the west coast filled with a DVD of high energy penetrating the crowd’s excitement and passion every step of the way. Our drive passion and relentless work ethic will pave the way to our future successes.


Brian Jensen