Satori represents progressive experimental rock with a smooth flow and dynamically energetic live performance. Tight musical progressions and explosives vocals mixed with tasty guitar effects produce every molecule of air to be filled with pure eargazmic satifaction!


Satori is composed of five musicians well into there journey of the aural enigma. The band was founded in the summer of 2006 when PJ Smiarowski and Gavin Babcock wrote most of the songs on acoustic guitars. The two band mates have played together in four different bands and have spent the last decade fine tuning their recipe for a creative and evolving song. They realized they had stumbled into a sound of progressive rock that still kept hooks and the integrity of the radio. After years of listening to tool, radiohead, mars volta, and every funk band you could think of they aimed for using their unique talent and sounds to form new and innovative ways to create rhythm and melodic tunes. They knew right away they must build an army of a band composed of the best and brightest, those with open minds and the desire to never stop learning and growing as musicians and humans. The first recruit was Justin Kennedy, a bass player who builds and crafts his own basses from a workshop in his home. Justin has played in many contemporary rock bands and studied many of the great bass players of the world. He quickly joined the project to find himself challenged with the new style of rock being created. His passion and drive instantly melted into Satori's libation of sound creation. The next sought out is a man named Cliff Revis. Cliff was a high school friend of Gavin and P.J. They all played in a funk rock band called Soma Escape. After high school Cliff joined a new and upcoming band called Bottom Line. This pop punk band recruited Cliff and they wound up being signed to maverick records(warner brothers). After Mavericks lack of interest in the project they were dropped from the label as pop punk had declined from the charts. Satori was looking for a drummer with massive chops and jazz experience. Cliff who has both was the perfect match. He moved back to Cincinnati from Los Angeles to join the Satori project and has become the monster phenom that is a key attraction to Satori's big room sound. The last recruit is a multi-talented guitar and piano player by the name of Eli Maiman. Eli attends the the prestigious Cincinnati Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati. He majors in Jazz guitar and musical theory. Eli plays in another tremendously successful band called Peter Adams and the Nocturnal Collective, where he conducts and plays lead guitar. The five members of Satori have been playing live together in Cincinnati since December of 2007. They are fully dedicated to their crafts and have made personal commitments to never stop learning and adapting to the world of music and all that it encompasses.


Adrenal Eyes

Written By: PJ Smiarowski

By your teeth makes words wage war, thoughts are born. In hopes to eliminate. By your sight you've lost gone clear door. Its more than we wanted. By your teeth makes words wage war, thoughts are born. Its more than we could stand. By your sight you've lost gone fourth... no clear door. In hopes to eliminate. Being honest with yourself for just once just once. in hopes to eliminate. be honest dear..all you've known.. its more than we could stand. baby Im gone. baby Im gone.I am gone, its more than we wanted. baby Im gone baby Im Gone I am gone. Feels so wrong it feels so wrong all along. baby im gone baby im gone. feels so wrong feels so wrong all along. I cant stand it, its like we are anesthetic tenants. living in our vacant minds. x2 I cant stand it, its like we're anesthetic tenants, I keep arriving here from beyond. In hopes to investigate. I've got a classic problem, all times adrenal eyes. could I have shown her we've grown so much warmer. The look in your eyes. can I now move to this lonely corner..the look in your eyes.. God damn its colder, we've grown so much warmer. the look in your eyes. x2


In april 2008 Satori is releasing a four song EP called Satori's delicious EP. The most progressive song on the EP is easily, which has a five star rating on The song has also won track of day, best melody, and most original.

Set List

1. Midnight Horror 2.Easily 3. The Phoenix 4. Residual Rattle 5. Bite the hand 6. Going out like We're cummin in 7. The moon had twenty seven wives 8. Alluvion Cataclyzm 9. Adrenal Eyes 10. Out of town 11. A pirate song covers include: Hysteria(muse), Three libras(A perfect circle), Televators( The mars volta), Tettragramaton( The mars volta) My iron lung (Radiohead)