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June 24, 2007 -

The Vibe 98.5 $100,000 Star Search competition finally came to a close on Saturday night with a big win and a huge cheque going to Calgary's Satori Life.

The eclectic, young band's compelling range of vocal styles, and their refreshing sound that includes everything from a violin to an accordion, proved to be a crowd favourite over fellow-finalists and talented rockers Joshua's Habit.

Hundreds of singers and bands auditioned to take part in the lucrative competition, with the coveted $100,000 prize being offered as part of Vibe 98.5's commitment to developing Canadian talent.

According to Vibe's promotions director Amanda Nelson, the calibre of talent seen throughout the competition was extremely impressive.

Vibe 98.5's infinitely cool DJ Mastermind agreed.

"Both Satori Life and Joshua's Habit were fantastic and it could have gone either way. But the crowd doubled their applause for Satori Life."

And since it was as much up to the fans as it was to the judging panel as to who would walk away with the cash, crowd approval was exactly what Satori Life was looking for.

The prize money is meant to launch them to the next step in their career, which, as Mastermind put it, "is exactly what this competition was all about."
- Kelly Doody (Calgary Sun)


May 28, 2008 -


The kickoff to summer is ready to roll, with Rockaganza, a collaborative
effort to rock, starting on June
29. Rockaganza is being organized by Lindsay Johnston of Fundamental Event Marketing, featuring a lineup of bands
hitting destinations throughout the East Kootenay.

“Each stint has something going on,” explained Johnston. Groupies and headbangers can hit up
individual events, or sign on for the entire week’s worth of planned activities and shows. An Exclusive Lake Party jump starts the event on June 29, on Columbia
Lake. Partygoers and rock lovers
will be privy to an eclectic group of bands and musicians like McCuaig, Satori Life, Kiesza and DisasterMan.
“These bands are deadly,” said Johnston.

“The bands are in for the full week.”
With each new day comes a new venue and a new event.
On June 30, the bands will rock out
Bud’s Bar in downtown Invermere. Canada Day the bands and their entourage are off to Legends Bar in Kimberley. On July 2, the block party continues in Kimberley,
culminating at Legends for an Open
Jam session.

The tour will head north on July 3, with a planned stopover at Bootleg Gap for a scramble golf tourney, before ending up at Wild Bill’s Bar in Banff, for Wild Rock Out. Rockaganza, the bands and
hard rockers then head west for a show at The Lyric Bar in Golden. The stop is in conjunction with the notorious Mount 7 Psychosis Downhill Mountain Biking
Competition. The tour then heads south for the final leg of the week-long rock out. All five bands will culminate at the Horsethief
Hideout for the annual Hughie McLean Memorial Bike Rally on July 5.

Following the aftermath of the project, which Johnston encourages photographers
and videographers to jump on
board with, she plans to produce a rockumentary of the shakedown, with tons of band footage and behind the scenes

“The idea is to rekindle what rock was,” explained Johnston of having the bands travel together, play together and jam together. “It’s all about up-and-coming

According to Johnston, the response
thus far has been great. Still seeking corporate sponsorship, donations, and volunteers, Johnston promises a worthwhile,
reputable product to anyone who
comes on board. “Let’s encourage wicked bands to come
through,” she said, citing amazing people, venues and natural setting as a great draw for musical acts.
“Let’s make Rockaganza as big as it can possibly be.”

For any and all information about Rockaganza, visit www.fundamentalevents.
com or call Lindsay at 688-6880, and get ready to rock out. - Invermere Valley Echo


June 18, 2008 -

Time is ticking away toward the launch of the inaugural Rockaganza event, featuring four bands playing five venues over seven days.
Rock coordinator Lindsay Johnston began seeking out bands for the old school rock festival months
ago, nailing down four solid up-and-coming bands of various music genres.

“Originally I contacted four bands that stuck out in my mind as bands that I’d seen that were awesome,”
she explained.
Sadly two of the bands originally on her radar, Jenn Militia and Urban Divide, were unable to attend, due
to other commitments and travel constraints.

However, the music-loving Johnston found two other
equally amazing bands to come headline the tour. Satori Life (SL), a Calgary-based four-piece band,
just released their fi rst CD, Planet Music, this summer. Not your average pop-rock band, SL features Bill Zulak on the electric violin. Last year SL won the Unsigned Vibe contest with
Vibe 98.5, further adding to the band's fame and exposure.

“They’re all about the live shows,” Johnston said of SL, thanks to their wicked stage presence and high
energy beats.

Hitting the stage with their edgy bagpipe fi lled rock will be the kilt-clad boys of McCuaig. For anyone unfamiliar with the Scotty-themed rock band, once the bagpipes start, you know there’s good times ahead.

McCuaig already has a legion of fans in the valley thanks to their larger than life performances and
foot-stompin’ tunes. Jumping on board later in the game were Disaster Man and solo artist Kaesza. Disaster Man contacted
Johnston expressing their interest in being part of the rock tour/rockumentary process, a throwback to a bygone era. Kieza, the only solo performer of the
show, is an accomplished musician, who has studied extensively and was recently offered a partial scholarship to Berkeley’s music faculty.

The plan is to have all bands collaborating and jamming
together throughout the week, each bringing their unique sounds to the table. “It’s gonna be a really, really neat lineup,” added
Johnston. “All the bands are stoked to be part of the production.”

Johnston is still seeking anyone interested in helping with the Rockaganza experience to get on board, in any way possible.
Anyone wanting to get in on the rock experience and get their hands on a wristband to the exclusive kickoff party at Columbia Lake on June 29 can contact
Lindsay at 250-342-0420 or visit www.fundamentalevents.
com for the week of rock schedule. - The Invermere Valley Echo


June 25, 2008 -

The Rockaganza countdown
is on. Hosted by Fundamental Event Marketing, the week’s worth
of entertainment and musical mayhem gets underway with a smorgasbord of summery
sounds at Bud’s Bar and
Lounge June 30. A shuttle
service will be offered
Monday evening for Radium
and Fairmont commuters. Info on shuttle times, as well as a host of
highlights as the events
unfold, will be available online at

Artists to be featured
throughout the tour are
Calgary’s Satori Life, Golden boys’ DisasterMan, one-gal-show
KIESZA and the bagpipe
stylings of Edmonton’s

These four diverse acts will be sharing the stage for back-to-back shows all week long. There’s no doubt their combined forces will offer up a musical gallivant,
filled with reggae inspired foot stomping adrenaline.

After their June 30 premiere the show will hit the road for its July 1 gig at Legends in Kimberley.
An encore presentation at the Kimberley bar will follow on July 2, this time with a free-to-attend
open jam night. The event is back on the highway for its July
3 showing at Banff’s Wild Bill's. With one more night, the tour will be crashing the Horsethief
Hideout’s memorial rally
with a final show. Admission is $10 per show, $30 to get in on the Horsethief event.

While the seven-day venture could certainly be thought of as a soundtrack for good times, the
event won’t simply be a musical montage. The week’s worth of road-bound music will be captured by a full-on production crew. The valiant efforts of this crew will offer up a
slew of footage, which will be skillfully scaled down to a one-hour commemoration of the week.

As each day unfolds, clips will be posted on Fundamental's Web site.
The final Rockaganza
documentary is expected
to be mastered, polished
up and available for sale in August.
Acting as the ‘Executive
Promoter of Rock’, Fundamental’s
proprietor can’t wait for the music
to start.

“It’s certainly the biggest event I’ve done to date,” says Lindsay Johnson. The event organizer
says corporate sponsorship from the people at Molson Canada, Rockstar Energy Drink, as well
as local support from Smoking Water, Copper Point, Bare hands Spa and the Hoodoo Grill, have been a phenomenal aid to making the event a reality.

As Rockaganza nears, there’s still room for more volunteers, who Johnson says would be privy to a
few ‘rock benefi ts’ including a killer promotional tee.

For more information on the week-long musical ride go to Fundamental’s recently overhauled Web site at

You can also tune into CJAY 92 for a chance to get your hands on a set
of free Rockaganza tickets and receive two days' worth of VIP behind-thescenes treatment. - The Invermere Valley Echo


July 2, 2008 -

• Don’t forget that the much-awaited Rockaganza is taking place over this week. The rock production includes four bands and five venues
over seven days of rockin’ the Rockies. Organized by local music fanatic Lindsay Johnston of Fundamental Events, the events include Canadian bands Satori Life, DisasterMan, Kiesza, and McCuaig.

The fundamental rock experience started on Sunday, June 29 with
an exclusive beach party at Columbia Lake for the bands and properly kicked off with the Bud’s Bar Bash at Bud’s Bar and Lounge in Invermere on Monday, June 30. The party moved to the Legends Bar in Kimberley for two nights. July 1 was the Canada Day Legends concert and tonight, July 2, will showcase the Official Open Jam night also at Legends.

Follow the four bands to Wild Bill's in Banff for Thursday night, and
The Lyric in Golden for Friday night.
Rockaganza returns to the valley on Saturday, July 5 for the Rock the
Rally concert at Horsethief Hideout in conjunction with the motorcycle
rally. Kudos to event organizer Lindsay Johnston for bringing that ’60s love of rock ’n’ roll back to the forefront and getting four bands of various genres together to harmonize on one stage.

A team of videographers and photographers will be following the tour around to put together a Rockumentary of the seven days. Support the locally organized tour, get your face in the Rockumentary, and help rock the Rockies! Follow the week-long rock production tour and watch for upcoming events, such as Ballfest, on - The Invermere Valley Echo


July 23, 2008 -

The first rock tour around the
region was a “fist pumping good
time,” said organizer Lindsay
Johnston of Fundamental Event
Marketing. Rockaganza took four bands through the Rockies to put on five concerts in Invermere, Kimberley, Banff and Golden, “playing deadly shows; jammin’ into the wee hours,
and ultimately having a blast!”

The best is still to come. The original
purpose behind the week-long
tour held at the beginning of July
was to put together a Rockumentary. A film crew and photographers followed the tour and caught the events in their entirety. Shot by Juan Delgado and Dan Dumouchel of Perfect Productions in Calgary,
the Rockumentary is slated for release at the end of September.

“It will contain an hour of the
deadliest ‘not-so-behind-thescenes’
footage from the week-long tour on top of 20 minute sections highlighting each specific band,”
said Johnston. “The Rockumentary
will be full of great music from
the shows and jams, awesome fun
times, and a great showcase of the
other talents who were on board
for this tour.”

The bands included Kiesza, Mc-
Cuaig, Satori Life and Disaster-
Man. Johnston said one of the
most exciting things for her was
watching the older, more experienced McCuaig encourage and inspire the younger musicians.

“Our bands comprised not only
talented musicians, but incredible
performers who made every day
and each show something to see,”
she said. “We proved that Rockaganza will not just be a set of great rock shows, but a whole new generation of rock production.”

Visit www.fundamentalevents.
com for tour pictures, video clips,
and rock related news. Watch The
Echo for more info about the Rockumentary release. - The Invermere Valley Echo



- "Holdin' My Own" (2007)

- "Downtown" (2008)

- "Losing You" (2009)

- "Planet Music" (2008)
(Available on ITUNES / HMV Canada)



“HI! I’m fRoM PLaneT MuSic…TaKe ME to yOuR LeAdeR”

You will not forget those words. They are the first to echo in your eardrums when you experience PLANET MUSIC, the debut album from Satori Life – Now Available on ITUnes,, and HMV stores everywhere. The theme of the band’s debut project is simply intergalactic – with their brand new single “Downtown” now hitting airwaves and earphones everywhere, the winners of the 2007 VIBE 98.5 $100,000 Dollar Star Search have released an album that can only be described as “out of this world”.

Recorded at Alchemy Studios in Calgary, Alberta, PLANET MUSIC reaches tremendous heights with its lyrics, musicianship, and undeniable passion. Luke Miles, Taylor Hawkamel, Kyley Styles, and Uncle Bill test the barriers of human emotion with this collection of 14 tracks – Manifested from the lives and experiences of 4 of Canada’s most creative musicians. The infection is spreading… Tell everyone you know - the hype is for real.