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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | SELF

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | SELF
Band Rock Reggae


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I first discovered Satori Tide when I attended a Lengthy List of Lovers show at the Purple Crab restaurant on Main Street. Their brand of funky reggae rock boasts a wide range of sounds, from dance numbers to smooth, mellow tunes. Despite being spread across Vancouver and Interior BC during the summer, these boys dedicate large blocks of time to practicing and recording their songs. Playing The Railway Club gives them time to connect with their friends and fans when they congregate in the city.

Their great dance number and classic song, “What They Say,” showcases Satori Tide’s ability to play funky, upbeat reggae rock while integrating some pretty groovy instrumental interludes into their songs. For a Monday night, the audience is quite decent and there is a great response to the music. People whoop and cheer, and several dance in front of the stage. Their friend Nathan joins them for a song that originally had no lyrics until Nathan decided it was time to guest-rap for them. His Batman t-shirt is hilarious, as is his undying enthusiasm when he leaps off the stage and begins a reggae hoedown with the crowd.

My favourite songs are the slower numbers. “Wildberry Road” is one that I’ve heard at a previous show, and can be found on their MySpace (along with “What They Say”). As a special treat, they play a new song that is called “Runaway,” sung primarily by Patrick (who plays keys). It has only been played a couple of times before, and has a great instrumental interlude with a rather epic crescendo. If you like the sound of sunshine at the beach, you’ll enjoy the reggae funk-rock of Satori Tide.

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Next up is Satori Tide. This group of five guys is a rather psychedelic band that boasts a blend of rock, reggae and funk that deserves nothing less than bright sunshine and a day at the beach. They take the stage to many catcalls, wolf whistles, and other cheers that can be attributed to any number of beasts. I feel justified in hoping for a reggae-hippy-beach vibe when I see that they’re sporting long hair, bandanas and bright Hawaiian shirts. They’re all wearing cool shades with brightly coloured plastic frames that would make any girl under the age of ten exceptionally jealous.

They begin their set with dramatic instrumental work, wailing guitars that sound as if they’ve had their hearts broken. Then the drums kick in, the beat picks up, and the song takes off with a funky beach feel that’s like a tropical blend of Bob Marley and Arkells. I must admit, I find myself a little disappointed that they don’t break out some steel drums, but even despite this lack of Jamaica they accomplish some remarkable reggae tunes. During the set, front man Jason Martinson complains, “These lights are really bright. Good thing I brought my sunglasses.”

One song features their friend Nathan, a white rapper who is really, really excited to be here. After his contribution, he leaps off the stage for a big reggae hoe-down with the audience. Satori Tide jams on their instruments while the crowds dances, but they sound so tight, so professional. It’s hard to believe they’re just as new as Lengthy List of Lovers. My favourite song has to be “Wildberry Road,” and you can listen to it on their MySpace profile. Another great song is “What They Say,” when they bust out a tambourine for an extra splash of flavour. It’s obvious that Satori Tide is here to party. After their final song, they yell, “You guys are awesome, stick around. Let’s get drunk!!” They are looking forward to recording a full-length album, and I highly recommend their upcoming shows on July 11th and 16th. - Backstage Vancouver

How 'bout a little West Coast White Boy Reggae for the soul?

In their biggest show to date, members of Satori Tide pulled out all the stops. It was a Wednesday night at The Backstage Lounge, and the room was nearly full... Unheard of for a weeknight in Vancouver. Kudos to the promoter and bands for bringing people out of the woodwork. Those in attendance got a musical treat indeed.

The crowd was primed, the club was bouncin' and the band looked and sounded like seasoned vets. You'd never guess that the average age of the band members' was around 22. Shredding solos, uplifting keyboards, soothing 3-part harmonies and a pistol-precision rhythm section marked an evening to remember. Entertaining? Try enlightening. This is how a live band SHOULD sound.

As I watched from my little corner at the back of the room, my view quickly became obstructed by dancing females. Nothing looks better on video than a hyped-up crowd, and Satori Tide had them out in spades. In Vancouver, the crowd can tend to be a bit lifeless, but when Satori hit the stage, it was like everybody in the place lost control and hit the dance floor. I've never seen anything like it at the Backstage Lounge.

These guys are one of my top draft picks in the Vancouver scene. Dying to be discovered by the right people, and dying to get out and perform. These guys are primed to hit this industry head-on, and I for one can't wait to hear more from this band of brothers. I caught up with bassist Shane:

"I consider myself an entertainer more than a studio musician. When I'm on stage rockin and dancin, there's no better feeling y'know?"

That seems to be the overall attitude of the band; putting on a great show and bringing the party. On the other hand, the guys are no slouches in the studio. I recently got a sneak preview of their newest self-produced single, the track featured in my video, "What They Say". The song is chock-full of energy, crystal clear sound and a driving backbeat that translates in any stereo system. That's right, Satori Tide is accessible.

So here's to bringing back music that's fun & entertaining! Keep an eye on Satori Tide, and come along for the ride. I for one can't wait until their next show. Bring your comfy shoes, and dust off those ancient dance moves! Lookout Vancouver music scene! There's a new kid on the block, and it's only a matter of time before all the cool kids take notice.

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Ep Material:
What They Say
Wildberry Road
Let it Go
Ways Back Down
Lala Land
Colours In The Sky



Consistently winning over concert-goers and promoters since its inception in early 2008, Satori Tide fuses an intoxicating blend of reggae, funk, ska, and the wide open rock soundscapes reminiscent of their home where Earth collides with ocean, Canada’s West Coast. Persuaded by pioneers of passion, the influential ingredients are spread far and wide. A live performance speaks for itself. Listeners quickly catch the party vibe like wildfire and can’t resist joining in the party. When a band is having this much fun onstage, it’s near-impossible to resist their natural charm and energy. With a string of highly-successful local dates and a growing pack of dedicated, rambunctious fans, Satori Tide is fast becoming a go-to Party Starter in the Vancouver scene. The next step for the group will be a major tour and recording initiative in 2010.

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