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Family Groove, Thick Beatiful Ladies, TX Boyz R Everywhere & Woo Hoo Girls (Ellen's Song) can all be streamed in addition to other tracks at



Born and raised in San Antonio, TX - Terrence Courtney Burton : My family named me ¡§SHAFT¡¨ after Richard Roundtree¡¦s 1970¡¦s movie super character. I guess they knew from the beginning of my life that I was going to be a Bad Man. My music is a composition of my life experiences. What my eyes have seen, ears have heard and heart has felt. Music has always been a HUGE part of my life. My mother sings and had me, my brother and sisters in the Progressive Missionary Baptist Church Choir. My first solo was at age 6, ¡§Give Me Two Wings¡¨ was the song. The compliments that I received made my 6 yr old head blow up. I saw that I could connect with people by entertaining them. I love providing smiles and good feelings! It has always been a natural thing for me! I¡¦m always ready to perform! I LUV to Move the Crowd! I AM A MC !
I was a member of the band at M.L. King Jr. High & Sam Houston High School. These were the best times of my life! Learning how to play musical instruments added to my creativity and appreciation for music. I developed into the Beat Box Master that was called upon to provide the hot beat for the rap battles in school. Once I found my own flow, I used an ink pen and the desk top or lunch room table to provide my own beats as I rhymed. I developed a reputation for being one of the hottest around. Many others could rap, but no one else could create their own beat, rap and sing freestyle. Singing to the ladies has always been my thing for those ladies that like being sung to. Some do ¡V Some don¡¦t!
I now live in ¡§THE LIVE MUSIC CAPITOL OF THE WORLD¡¨, Austin, TX, where I work to build my showmanship. I enjoy listening to all types of music from R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae, Country, Gospel, Rock, Pop and more. I appreciate the beauty of a creative mind, and my mind is open enough to enjoy and write to anything. I make a conscious effort to make all my music clean without any cursing or hate filled lyrics. I have a fan base of young ones that I want to be able to repeat every word without getting in trouble or sounding worse than they should. I¡¦m teaching that you can express yourself in every way without being vulgar or abusive. Be Creative With Your Words ¡V Not Created By Your Words! I had Great Teachers, now I¡¦m passing it on! I want everyone to be able to enjoy my music!
My love for music is second only to the love I have for GOD and my family! GOD, Family and belief in myself strengthen me. My life¡¦s theme is ¡§ONE LUV & RESPECT @ ALL TIMES¡¨. This is what I feel for the world, and what I hope to receive from everyone else. Even through pain you can smile because you still have your life! I¡¦m working to leave a Positive Legacy that my kids can be proud of, and build their own success from. Pray I have time to succeed with this mission! Thanks For Listening!