Satrilah Acustico

Satrilah Acustico

 Wollstonecraft, New South Wales, AUS
BandPopAdult Contemporary

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Just Breathe

Written By: Ann Marie Barnes

When you feel alone
And all hope is gone
Reach inside yourself
Stand up and be strong
Believe in yourself
Your spirit is divine
You're beautiful
Step up to the light

There's a change in the air
I can feel it everywhere
There's a change in the air
I can feel it everywhere
So breathe
Just breathe

When life is hard
And you're feeling low
Put in all you have
Give thanks for what you've got
Believe in your god
Raise your hands up high
You're gonna be alright
Look up to the sky


Silent tears are wasted tears
Dry your eyes no time for fear
Get on with life
There's so much you can do
When you breathe
Just breathe

It gives you the power
To escape all the drama
Take a deep breath and let it all out
You can't control what life brings to you


Thank you to all
Who have helped me through
The hardest times
And my darkest hours
I'm ready now
To step up and be free
And I'm grateful
Yes I'm grateful just to breathe
So breathe
Just breathe

One Way

Written By: Ann Marie Barnes

Over the bridge, I'm running, one way, down the street
The pace of life, is flowing, I'm moving along
As my heart beats so strong
For the joy of life and all that makes it whole

Ooh, the fun, the laughter
And the friends that are around me
I feel so lucky, as my hair blows in the breeze
And I feel so free, cause you're here with me

I'm smiling for the fun times, even when I'm sleeping
It's no secret that I'm keeping
And I love the sun beating down on me
Making my skin glow
All I know is that happy feeling, I get,
When I'm spending time with you

So won't you come, come with me,
Down that one way street?
Don't delay, just come my way!
And we can share one way,
Care one way, even stare one way hey!
We can grow one way, make love one way,
Enjoy life one way, hey!

So hold my hand, let me take the lead and just follow me
Take off your shoes, feel the sand sift through your toes
And forget all your woes

The ocean breeze is blowing, pace of life is slowing
But wait, the party has only just begun
We'll take off like a dragster at the lights
In to the sky we'll fly, and enjoy our days one way
The things we say, one way
And the places that we stay, one way, hey!

So cruise with me, down the one way streets
Round and round, all around town
And let me tell you, what I have to say, today
I think you're really special in your own one way!
Yeah, yeah, yeah.