Saturation Point

Saturation Point


Ex Strangelove/Blue Aeroplanes, three piece, Krautrock, Post Rock outfit. Periods of intense beauty married to the odd bit of noise.


"Having almost given up on the changing power of music, and inspired by an insomniac crawl through the Tate Modern, Saturation Point were formed in 2005. A face-to-face encounter with the work of abstract expressionist, Rothko, led to their creation and development, improvising slabs of sound, forever evolving, and best understood as a whole and from a safe distance. Saturation Point were forced to ask how Punk Rock it was to play three and a half minute pop songs and swear a lot? While some opt for the "how cool do I look on stage?" school of post rock this band understand that it's only how you sound that counts and that when it comes to any form of expressionism less will always be less and more is always more. Saturation Point drag you back to the eye of the apocalypse. They are punishingly loud effortlessly dwarfing their peers' heavy climaxes while surrendering none of their melodic inclinations or sense of space. And that is their undoubted beauty. Theirs is not the staple quiet-loud post rock dynamic; instead textured guitars cascade over liquid bass and sharp polyrhythms meandering fluidly. Moody, episodic, violent and reflective, their music is a calling card from a band who want to come round to your place, redesign your furniture, paint the walls green and then blow your windows out. “


Album “One” on LLS records, Album “Two” on LLS Records, Album “Three” on Very Friendly. All three released 2007.

Set List

30-45 minutes, mainly improvised.