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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Alternative EDM


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"WNYC 93.9 Marketplace"

{interlude} Space Vegas from SATYURDAY ASTROLOGY's debut full-length {sonar} at 4:35... - WNYC 93.9 Marketplace

"All Things NEXT Radio"

Radio spin of "As My Guitar Gently Weeps" cover by SATURDAY ASTROLOGY - Chris Bro / NEXT Radio

"Deli Magazine // Music Building NYC Feature"

Journalism classes taught me to lead with something that will capture the reader’s attention. SATURDAY ASTROLOGY writes their name in all caps to stand out in copy. With that in mind, combining the two was only the natural way to begin. Seem unlikely? Unlikely combinations work well for SATURDAY ASTROLOGY, too. Relentless world influenced percussion back a guitar tone that alternates between synth-y and ska. Then add an actual synth, slash bass player, and topped with pop-styled vocals. Daryl, the lead singer, is truly captivating, a strange cross between Serj Tankian and Brendon Urie. It works, though. Dance-friendly and fast-paced, SATURDAY ASTROLOGY blend their disparate inspirations into a palatable sweetly pop smoothie, boosted with the protein-fueled power of rock and some vitamin beat. Delicious.

When my name is published, I try my damndest to get it in all lowercase. I have my reasons. It seems like you guys embraced the opposite casing. Why ALL CAPS?

THAT’S A REALLY GOOD QUESTION, allison. I think it was just my subconscious when designing our web copy. With a multi-syllabic name like SATURDAY ASTROLOGY (seven, in all), I wanted to make sure that it stood out over all of the other jibber-jab that was written. If anything, we want people to know the name of our band... but hey, you can’t have EVERYTHING in life. Sometimes, if a bar/venue polls the door, we’ll get some gems, like: TUESDAY METEOROLOGY and SUNDAY APOLOGETIC. Whatever, it’s close enough. At least they tried. We’ll respond to anything in that ballpark.

On your website you say “You should listen to SATURDAY ASTROLOGY.” Convince me.

If you are surfing the internet, you probably don’t have anything else pressing at the moment. You’ve made it this far, so why not just take an extra few minutes to check out the goods, either sound or video. It’s the best part, as far as I’m concerned... and it’s all FREE to download. What’s better than free sex?... I mean, music. Yeah, free music. Phew.
- The Deli Magazine

"CMJ: Saturday Astrology"

Join us for a brilliant night of music. Saturday October 23rd at The Studio at Webster Hall. 5 bands will be playing. The first band performing is Saturday Astrology. Doors at 6. Saturday Astrology on at 7. Follow them on Twitter too. Here’s the Full lineup. 7pm Saturday Astrology 8pm Blip Blip Bleep 9pm Deadbeat Darling 10pm My Dear Disco 11pm BLACK TAXI Want tickets? Here’s the link to the Studio ticket page
A few videos to get you up to speed on the music…
- Next Music

"Saturday Night Live with Saturday Astrology"

“This demo is our OLD $HIT. If you’d like, please go ahead and download our NEW $HIT for free at…” – that was the cover art copy for the free CD we received before the band came on stage. I was a little wary about what the night would entail, only to find myself pleasantly surprised (goes to show that you should never judge a CD by its cover, especially when it’s free!).

The name is Saturday Astrology – a sexy six-pack representing the city of New York. They brought on a super energized show full of sweat (literally), funk and rock-your-body beats at Mercury Lounge in the Lower East Side. It was almost a full house of music-lovers of all ages. They covered most of their “old $hit,” blended in a couple of their “new $hit,” and segwayed into a Ne-Yo cover during one of them, all of which were equally well-received.

The music will make you want to move, dance and just do something – even if you don’t know the song. The drums are my personal favorite – he set such a great tone for every song right from the start. The lead vocal worked hard to entertain us all. I think he was drenched in sweat after a song and half, trying to cover all corners of the stage (half the time I attempted to decipher what he was singing).

Do check them out when they play in your neighborhood venue. It’s a guaranteed fun time. I mean, not every band offers up somebody’s apartment for an after party. I wonder if that 60-year old man next to me crashed the festivities.

Below are a few clips from the show.For more information on Saturday Astrology, check them out on MySpace.
- ESBMusic

"Saturday Astrology: Crowd Pleasers"

Besides my taking truly ghastly pictures of them both, hard rock, hip hop party band Shinobi Ninjas and jersey shore bar prog-rock wall of guitar band Saturday Astrology would appear to have little in common. Not true. They are actually both big time crowd pleasers. Late last night at Mercury Lounge every member of two entire bands, twelve people in total, were centers of attention in a whirlygig of sound and motion. Yeah, I realize I suck at pictures as bad as I do at life can we now move on? Saturday Astrology were all business with the lead singer though they don’t look like it. They look like a college band performing Bob Seger covers and play like rich kids discovering Robert Fripp. It is a well constructed set, sturdy stuff, with the entire band moving and shredding and the lead singer howling in the mic and dripping with seat on a real keeper (and not recorded yet?) “Firefalls”. But there is a problem with SA and before I tell you what it is I will tell you what it ain’t. It ain’t the playing, the guitarist is especially awesome, and it ain’t the look or the ability to maintain the attention of at least one bloke who had never heard of them before. They are raucuous and serious and their buddies who were being a bit of a nuisance didn’t get through to them at all except to make em smile and kid around with the entire audience. So what’s the problem?The best song of the night is a cover of a number I have never heard before “Five Against War”. The problem? Their own material could be a bit stronger. I listened to their “old shit” and the songs click better there but they need to work better on stage. They need to write a coupla killer melodies, as good as “Color Me In Love” from the EP.In the meantime? No problems, Saturday Astrology is the real deal and their audience is finding them. - NYC Rock

"Listen to Saturday Astrology's 'The Seaside Sessions' Now!"

Saturday Astrology recently released a two-song demo entitled The Seaside Sessions. Check out the songs below. For more information on the band go to their official website (
- ESBMusic

"Saturday Astrology"

This is one of Liz’s fans that has just recently contacted me. I have decided to post this talented group’s music on here. Just listen to it, it’s pretty awesome! You can listen to more of their music @ - Venus Bliss

"2008 M.E.A.N.Y. Fest Finals @ Santos Party House"

Saturday Astrology performing live at the 2008 MEANY Fest Finals (Santos Party House) in NYC. Includes interview. - GNYC-TV

"2009 M.E.A.N.Y Fest Finals @ Blender Theatre"

"... they resumed the contest with Saturday Astrology who was quite amazing. I really liked their music. It reminded me a bit of Pearl Jam with an electronic, etheral feel. I would recommend seeing this band play live." - ESBMusic

"M.E.A.N.Y Fest Finals At Blender Theatre"

"Tina Brown ended and they resumed the contest with Saturday Astrology who was quite amazing. I really liked their music. It reminded me a bit of Pearl Jam with an electronic, etheral feel. I would recommend seeing this band play live." - Eat Sleep Breathe Music


SATURDAY ASTROLOGY's full-length debut album -- {sonar} -- is now available.


Purchase ($4.99):



SATURDAY ASTROLOGY is a four-piece electronic alternative rock band from New York City.

Their diverse influences combine to produce an upbeat and progressive blend of punk, dance, sweat and global sex appeal.

Since forming in July 2008, SATURDAY ASTROLOGY has played sold-out shows at numerous venues, including: Arlene's Grocery, Gramercy Theater, National Underground, Bowery Electric, Crash Mansion, 169 Bar, The Studio @ Webster Hall, Santo's Party House, Pianos, The Fire (Philly), Mercury Lounge and Music Hall of Williamsburg.

SATURDAY ASTROLOGY have been featured artists in the CMJ Music Festival, as well as the M.E.A.N.Y. Fest NYC competition finals.

You should listen to SATURDAY ASTROLOGY.