Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning


We love to just go out there and jam. Our music is indescribable. Every song we play falls under a different musical genre, and they are never played the same way. This makes our music fun to play and fun for people to listen and dance to.


It all started in Joe Plese's basement. He had the drumset, Brett Hettman had the guitar. Together they jammed just for fun and brought up the idea of forming a band. Playing only covers, they wanted to write their own songs. Throw in jolly friend Jason Wilhelmi and Joe's little brother, Josh, and they found a perfect fit. Later they added Brad Surinak a.k.a. "the shredder" to play lead and Saturday Morning was complete. Every Saturday morning, they got together in Joe's basement to write songs and jam. These jam sessions usually lasted all day, never getting tired of playing and making music. This is how the name Saturday Morning was born. They never thought that it would escalate this far, as it all started out for fun. It all has been like a dream, going from graduation parties in farm community towns to well-known bars in Chicago. What sets them apart from other bands is their true love of all styles of music. They incorporate this passion into the way they play, drawing from multiple influences. One day they will jam a blues song for twenty minutes and other days they will write that short, poppy, love song that tears at your emotions. As for their influences, their biggest one would have to be the Dave Matthews Band. Their fusion of rock, jazz, classical, and acoustic sets the stage for young bands all across America. Combine this with the funk of Phish, the trippiness of the Grateful Dead, and the heart of the Beatles, Saturday Morning is a band that you must see live to experience the energy and passion that they put forth in their music.


Cuz It's Good

Written By: Jason Wilhelmi

Pick me up, you know I need you
You lift me up, and you know that I need you
With everyday, you know I need you
and I don't care what people say
still you know that I will need you

Cuz I'm dependent from you
and this you know is true
That's why there's nothing that I can do
I'll need ya today, and tomorrow too
That's why there's nothing I can do

Come what may, you know I need you
Cuz I throw my money away
So you know that I need you
and love is blind, and you know I need you
Though you're not so kind still, you know that I still need you

Cuz I'm dependent from you
and this you know is true
That's why there's nothing that I can do
I'll need ya today, and tomorrow too
That's why there's nothing I can do

And then I finally see, that you and me is no good for my life
It's time to fly, I say goodbye
Cuz I finally realized
I no longer need you

I'm independent from you and this you see is true
I've finally seen what I can do
Don't need ya today, or tomorrow too
I've finally seen what I can do

Cuz I've finally seen what the fuck it is that I can do

Today is the first day
of the rest of my days, without you


Written By: Jason Wilhelmi

Kicking it here in the basement
Cuz we got nothing better to do
So why don't we go for a drive?
And pick up a cold case of brew, me and you.

Hey buddy, said how ya doin?
Hey pal, said how ya been?
It's been a long time since I've been around
So let's go out, and get drunk again.

Jammin' out in the basement
Rockin' balls just like we're used to
We got a 30 of Busch, and a hefty thirst
So why don't we just kiss this case goodbye, you and I


This is our crew and we don't mess around
If ya step to us, man you're gonna be floorbound, uh-huh
All I really want is some peace and love
So relax, and let's just catch this buzz

Been a long time since I've had this chance
To sit around and shoot the shit
So why don't you just get me one more brew
Cuz I'm starting to lose my buzz a bit


300 Miles

Written By: Jason Wilhelmi

It's like a world away, across the Midwest Plains
I can hear your voice but I, just can't see your face
I need you here today, to hold me tight
Wrap your arms around me, tell me everything is alright.

300 Miles never seemed so far
though we're not together
this space can't break what we are
I need you now, like an addict craves a drug,
to lay me down,
all I really need is your love.

The days trudge on, but still we cannot be together, oh no,
It's like I'm running in circles, damned to be alone forever
Then you call me up, you lift me up to heights that can't be held by ceilings,
Though you're not here baby, I can still sense your feelings.


300 miles never seemed so far, oh yeah, though we're not together, I know just who we are,
300 miles never seemed so far, oh yeah, you know I would walk all around the world just to be next to where you are.

Here I'm finally alive, I can lay you down, kiss you hard, never let you leave my side
It's good luck lovin' baby, that keeps me going, so
Let's let our love flow, cuz we both do not know
If this good luck love will be always,
I'm here today, instead of being stuck out there in that place.



We have a total of four self-released Cds, with only one of them being good quality. The first is a four song studio cd with original material, where all instruments and vocals were recorded seperately. Even though this provided the best quality sound, we believe that it did not do justice to our talents. The next cd was recorded from a live performance. There is a total of sixteen songs, mixed with originals and covers. This captured our abilities much better than the studio cd. Thethird we released was similar to the live cd. This had only nine songs, eight original with one cover. Our one high quality cd was recorded by professionals at the Double Door in Chicago during our live show. This has only four songs, but all of them sound amazing. We had a chance to experience radio airplay in our hometown of Joliet, IL. At a local college radio station, we had a chance to be interviewed and play a couple of acoustic songs in the station and after that we picked a song from our first cd to play on the air.

Set List

One of our favorite tasks as a band is writing our setlists. Drawing from our improvisational talents and superstitions, we always make our setlists right before our shows. We just need to know how long of a set we are playing to have an idea of what songs to play. We currently have twelve of our own songs, plus numerous jams. We also can play an endless amount of covers. We play everything from Bob Marley to Dave Matthews Band, all the way to Michael Jackson. We have played sets from as little as 25 minutes up to three and a half hours.