Saturday Mourning

Saturday Mourning


The three of us are people who have been influenced by music all our lives. Its just a way to survive the world and keep things in perspective.We started a band to really say what we feel about all types of different things, and its really just a way for us to vent our thoughts.


Our music is a slower rock that focuses mostly on the lyrics. They're what mean the most to me us. We're influenced by a lot of things. not necessarily artists but writers as well. I, Marilee, write the majority of the lyrics for our songs, and they're what begin the process of writing the music. Basically all we really want to do with this is get our feelings out there.



Written By: Saturday Mourning, Marilee Smiley

When life walks away
And you just don’t know why
Its as if a train
Decided to drop you off
At the edge of the world.

And you just don’t know why.

No one said it would be hard
Passing from this world to the next
You got all caught up
In one of life’s disasters
That wasn’t supposed to happen.

And you just don’t know why.

Looking upwards you strain your eyes
Searching for an answer,
To explain the fairness of life on Earth
No one wants to go out this way.

And you just don’t know why.

If there are supposed to be seventy-five years in this life,
How can there be others
Who live on and on to what seems
Like the end of time.

And you just don’t know why.

Here is the moment just passed
It hovered and remained for awhile
All sound and movement stopped
And then the moment was gone.

And you just don’t know why.

Just as life goes by so fast
You stop and try to remember
Why this is a moment to look back on?
But sometimes there are things.

That you just do not forget.

So now I sit and wonder why
They never gave us the chance to say
Goodbye to all that you are.

There will not be reason to what happened here.
There will not be reason to what happened here.


We have only one album which is on its way right now. It is called Anatomy of a Whisper and has eleven tracks. We are eager to get a song called Tony on the air soon. We wrote for our teacher who passed away last year and really think its important to tell people about it.

Set List

There are about five songs that we are comftorable playing live. We need maybe half an hour to play most of the time, we don't perform regularly. We've only done one cover as we prefer to make our own music. It was Run by Snow Patrol.
I Just Wanna Run
Always Believe
You Have Everything
Echoing Tonight
Ghosts of Guilt