Saturday Night Shakedown

Saturday Night Shakedown


Saturday Night Shakedown is a five-piece, powerpop band from Flint, Michigan. They are currently preparing their tour, in support of our March 2 release, "Better Than Hollywood."


Saturday Night Shakedown was started in May 2008 by members, Mike Reed and Josh Mondro. As time went on, they found the perfect combination of members; Justen Snow, Steve Korff and John Estupigan, who each brought something special to the table. With influences ranging from Blink 182 and Fall Out Boy to A Day To Remember and All Time Low, Saturday Night Shakedown has perfected a cross-over combination of punk, rock and pop.

Since the finalization of the band's lineup, SNS have recorded their soon to be released Debut EP, "Better Than Hollywood," with Producer Rob Freeman (Hit The Lights, Cobra Starship, Armor For Sleep). They have played many shows, and have touched many different audiences with their varied genre of music.

Their first show in July of 2008 was a sold-out benefit show for Bands That Jam for Africa. Following the show, Saturday Night Shakedown gratefully accepted a national sponsorship offer from Red Bull Energy Drink. Since then, they have been a featured artist on Online Radio program, as well the Unsigned Artist Spotlight on Under The Gun Review [.net]. Smart Punk has recently featured Saturday Night Shakedown's debut EP on their front page, as well.

Collectively, Saturday Night Shakedown aims to continue to put out great music and to put on great live shows. They are making a point to get themselves noticed in the scene and you can bet they won't be going away any time soon.


"Better Than Hollywood" - Debut EP
(Produced by Rob Freeman (Hit The Lights, Cobra Starship, Armor For Sleep))

Set List

It's About That Time
This Is A Kiss
Burning Bridges
Night At The Roxbury
(Surprise Cover Song)

Sets last from 20-25 minutes, depending on the crowd and their interaction level.