Saturday's Child

Saturday's Child

 San Diego, California, USA

Modern day hard rock melds with 80's New Wave in this Southern California trio. Think "Stone Temple Pilots meets Green Day at the Foo Fighters' house," if you're so inclined. Enough name dropping? Yeah, we thought so. So check out Saturday's Child already.


“The mischievous and unquestionably Cali trio are out for a good time, wreaking havoc on the LA music scene and breaking curfews everywhere they
perform.” -- Campus Circle

Saturday’s Child have pushed the boundaries of acceptability since day one. With the success of their 2004 release Kill The Cat, (SLK Records) they went on to play countless cities across the West coast building a devoted following of fans. Their latest CD/DVD release Tour de Rauk, a 15-minute documentary with a music video and two new tracks, is a gritty, unabashed account of the band on tour and the antics that follow. With blazing live performances from San Diego to Seattle, they prove that night after noisy night, their music is best ingested live and loud.

Having played together for several years, the latest line-up of Saturday’s Child adds even more energy to the infectious, melodic hard rock. Front man and primary songwriter Jason Schlarmann provides the vocal and guitar foundation. His brother James Schlarmann brings the bass lines with some backing vocals for good measure. Newcomer Craig Lammers adds the second and crucial lead guitar layer; and Nick Sprankles maintains the steady beats of the drum-kit. This new chemistry has solidified a sound that is as much unique as it is homage to real rock n’ roll. With influences ranging from Green Day and Queen to Marvelous 3 and Foo Fighters, the band works to create a fun, raucous party for their fans.

Tour de Rauk captures the raw, atomic energy and emotion of Saturday’s Child live shows. Recorded at Big Rock Studios and mixed by Carter William Humphrey, (Dr. Dre, Brian Wilson, Rod Stewart, Babyface, Bill Medley), the new songs come on the heels of some difficult and life altering events for brothers Jason and James. "The past year has been ridiculous," says Jason, “and I'm glad this band is still around for us to use as a sounding board.” The first new cut is "Jones in the Fast Lane," a song with plenty of ‘70s guitar-rock grit which borrows it’s title from an old video game. The punk influenced “Bomb Shelter” follows with gut wrenching lyrics and heavy hitting guitars and melodies.

Whether they're seen entertaining at legendary L.A. clubs like The Whiskey-A-Go-Go and The Mint, or carousing down in San Diego's favorite hangouts like The Kensington and The Jumping Turtle, Saturday's Child hopes that you will take away something more than a CD and a three-beer buzz from their shows. Then again, that's not a bad start.

“A band you will remember on Sunday.” -- Full Value Review

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Dumb Found Ed

Written By: Saturday's Child

Go for a ride with the top down
Clearing your head for a while
Tripping on "vitamin maybe"
O.D. on a line from your eye
Everyone stares like the movies
Perpetual slow-motion haze
Daddy ain't ready for prime time
Baby's been homesick for days

Stuck on the words from the wrong brand
Steady and sinking fast
Dealing with less than a full deck
Ready or not at last
Amateur hour's over
California pride
Saving a seat in the background
Is the sentence of your life

Hang on me
I can't understand you when your one and one make three

Sprecken sie howz it hanging?
Gideon's out to sea
Headaches from bells and whistles
Paging Doctor She!
Caught in reality safe mode
Burned and sanitized
Had to rely on a daydream
Just to fake it through one night

Hang on me
I can't understand you when your one and one make three


Written By: Saturday's Child

Seize the day
Pay to play it over
Don't delay
You get what you paid for

Smile and nod him over
What's his name?
You get what you paid for

Call waiting for it
Cold ready for the

Came to be
Fancy freedom very
Passed belief
Down and out of patience

Looks like he
Paralyzed the family
The bough breaks
Your head shakes
You get what you paid for

Call waiting for it
Cold ready for the


Tour de Rauk (DVD/CD) - 2005
Kill the Cat (LP) - 2004
Scratch 'n Sniff (EP) - 2003
Sonogram (LP) - 2001

Set List

Jones in the Fast Lane
Bomb Shelter
Dumb Found Ed
Always Something there to Remind Me [cover]
Every Monday [cover]
For Your Mom (God Rest Her Soul)
Nada Lotta
Rooster [cover]
My Life [cover]
I'll Get By
Walk Like an Egyptian [cover]

note: this setlist is reflective of a typical 60+ minute set. Songs can be added or subtracted to suit.