Saturn is the musical lovechild of a Prince/Janet Jackson/James Brown 3-way. He knows how to rock, he knows how to croon and he knows how to move!


POP. ROCK. URBAN. DANCE. A new mantra befitting the style and substance of Saturn. Writing, composing, and producing songs that run the gamut of genres from pop to dance to urban, Saturn infuses his own funky blend of "pop - hop" music with a raw edge and sensuality that is heavily influenced by such icons as Prince and Madonna.

Renowned award – winning musician and editor Robert Urban once said of Saturn, "To experience this handsome rising star croon, rap, dance, vogue, charm and effervesce his way through a live concert is to witness perhaps the hardest-working gay man in show biz."

Saturn's 2002 debut album, "The Virgin Poet," received enthusiastic praise for its "highly theatrical" and "emotionally raw" content, but Saturn turned up the heat in 2005 with "Deviant." Baltimore Gay Life said of "Deviant", "...his blunt lyrical seduction is as refreshing as the raw yet refined production of this release [that] oozes with raw sexual energy and rhythms that are dark and hypnotic." Mark Lush of MidwestBands wrote of "Deviant", " It has more artistic merit than 90% of the music you will hear this year..."

In both 2003 and 2005, Saturn was featured prominently on the internationally syndicated radio show "This Way Out". WCH Radio called Saturn one of its "top 25 independent artists of 2003".

Saturn is currently on rotation on an evergrowing list of stations, including Sirius OUTQ, WCH Radio, Stonewall Society and KPFT 90.1 FM, Houston TX. Saturn's song "Saint" was voted by listeners as one of the top OUT songs of 2005 on Sirius OutQ.


Touch the Sky
The Virgin Poet

Tracks from all releases are played on web stations, indie radio stations and satellite radio.

Set List

For Dance Club: A set list will consist of 3 to 4 original upbeat, party songs.

For Band:A typical set list for the band combines usually 8 - 10 originals and can include a couple of covers. It's high energy, hard hitting pop rock. Covers range from Depeche Mode to Prince to Red Hot Chili Peppers to Coldplay.

A set list when Saturn performs solo can consist of as many as 20 original songs. Saturn can also perform with piano aaccompaniment.