Saturn Cowboys

Saturn Cowboys

 Denver, Colorado, USA

Whiskey drenched raspy vocals and an aggressive approach to the acoustic guitar, Saturn Cowboys find that medium to punk rock, country and Americana. Backed by a solid rhythm section and a lap steel covering the lead guitar work, this gritty energetic band rocks the mile high city.


Saturn Cowboys play their cowboy punk rock up and down the streets of the mile high city. Drawing influences from punk rock, underground country and Americana song writing, Saturn Cowboys bring high energy to the stage featuring mostly acoustic instruments. Danny Aranow's raspy voice and beat up acoustic guitar, leads the band as the song writer, while Jim Ruberto handles the lead guitar work on the lap steel. Andrew Aranow's precise drum work swings back and forth between bluegrass and punk rock beats and James Morrison completes the rhythm section with groovy bass lines and a style similar to stand-up bass. The band just released their second digital EP, "Till The Summer Ends" and is currently working on songs for a full length record set to be released this fall. The music scene of Denver loves this band's cowboy punk rock! Giddy up!!!

Available on iTunes, Bandcamp, and CD Baby.


Till The Summer Ends

Written By: Danny Aranow

A ways away, the end is in sight
It seems like time, it moves so slowly this time
I try to sleep, but my mind slips away
To a place I hoped, to never come back to again

And all I can feel, and all I can see
Gets pushed away, I must keep on
I know that one day, I'll watch it fade away
Hold on, as long as I can....till the summer ends

I look around and feel so alone
In a crowded room, I grab my aching head
The days are long, the nights like forever
I wish that I could pick myself up off the ground

On The Rise

Written By: Danny Aranow

The whispering that swirls around my head
I wish I could make out what it said
Its hard to think straight when your on the run
The rails will end but this train keeps movin on

I hold my breath as this wave pushes on
There's no signs of stoppin we'll ride it all together
Against the wind, out in the rain
Its hard to believe tha I've fallin this far behind
I can't stop now there's no time the storm's on the rise

The wind will come and blow away what's left
Right before my eyes as I'm bled
I'll fight it now cause I'll sleep when I'm dead
At least thats what's drilled into my head

I'll keep on keepin on, until the day I die
I can't stop now there's no time the storm's on the rise


Follow the Light to the West (Debut LP) 2012
Nightcrawlers EP - 2012
Till The Summer Ends EP - 2013

Regular rotation on KRFC Radio Ft. Collins and Mile High Underground Radio

Available to stream and download at