Satya Yuga is rising to maintain a balance on every level, offering a conscious alternative in Hip-Hop, roots reggae, and urban/soul musical expressions.


" The Awakening has already been set into motion..."
" Reconnect the Self Inquiry... Put in check the Self Inquiry..."
" Only when you drink from the river of silence, shall you truly sing..."
SATYA YUGA, currently based between the Bay Area, and the Northwest, brings this and other potent messages of self-reflection and change into their live performances and on their debut album, “WINE OF THE MYSTICS”, which was released in February of 2004.

Satya Yuga, a Sanskrit term, means “The Age of Truth”. Corresponding with the Golden Age and the Age of Aquarius, it foretells of a time on earth when all beings will live in harmony. Although received as the name for their project, the members of the ensemble see themselves as just one part of a movement towards a new paradigm based on the principles of love. Combining the elements of Hip-Hop, Reggae, Jazz and Funk, the music of Satya Yuga is a clarion call to unite all in the new ancient way.

Following divine guidance, singer–songwriter/guitarist Omkarananda went to the Big Island of Hawaii in the winter of 2002/3. Inspired by the beauty of the island, Omkarananda began a recording project in January of 2003, which quickly grew to involve drummer/percussionist Julien Fritz who is now a founding member. Among others, SHIMSHAI, volunteered his talents, (keyboards, melodica, and background vocals) to the project. His impact is felt on many of the album's 12 tracks. Special guests include: AL TORRE (Sasha Butterfly), ASHER FULERO (Scott Law Band, Everyone Orchestra), DEVANANDA, RICK AUERBACH (Shimshai), FANNA FI ALLAH, and many others offered important collaborations.
Following the release of their album, Satya Yuga spent portions of the spring and summer of '04 touring the northwest, northern and southern Cali, and Hawaii, sharing the stage with the likes of: Don Carlos (Black Uhuru), Midnite, Dezarie& Ikabah, Medusa, JohnBrowns Body, Jah Levi, Snatam Kaur Khalsa& the Prem ensemble, Shimshai & the Naturalmystiqensemble, Arjun& Guardians, Tina Malia, Sasha Butterfly Band, The Lost Children of Babylon, Love Eternal & Ras Gabriel and 4Word, drawing a following in every place they played.
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'Wine of the Mystics' 2004 release
currently in the studio producing the next album..

Set List

each one teach one
come away
how I love U
humiliation b4 Honor
living flame
means of release
mind's Pscience
enough material for a three hour set or more; all originals/ no covers