"Amish Hard Rock"


Since the departure of thier original bass player Saucer have recently reformed, like a phoenix from the ashes, as a project to get the single members of the band impressing thier lady friends. The married members of the band, however, are in it for the huge scads of cash to be made in the indy rock scene selling albums off stage and overpriced, one-colour T-shirts to unwitting groupies. Also, we all like to make loud noises. Ta.


2005 - Dallaire
(hear 4 tracks at
2004 - Alef
1999 - Proti/o
1997 - Saucer

Set List

Typical set: 45-50 mins
-Playing With HAL
-Stats on Stats
-We All Do It
-When it Breaks
-Holidays in the Sun