Saucy Monky

Saucy Monky


Saucy Monky were recently named as a HOT 100 ARTIST by the renowned Music Connection Magazine. Their song DISCO BALL was a finalist in this year’s International Songwriting Competition. They have played alongside Wilco and the B-52s and their new album "BETWEEN THE BARS" is now available on iTunes.


"irrepressible melodicism and smart lyrics”. -LA Times

Saucy Monky are proud to announce the release of their 3rd record, the mini-album “Between the Bars.”

“Between the Bars” is the follow up to their critically acclaimed, sophomore release “Turbulence,” and debut “Celebrity Trash.” The record is a slight departure and a somewhat more focused effort than the stylistically diverse “Turbulence.” Produced by band member & co-lead singer Cynthia Catania, “Between the Bars” showcases haunting, yet catchy, harmony-infused melodies against a more alternative rock backdrop than its predecessor.

“Recording the record was a challenging, yet rewarding process” says co-front woman Annmarie Cullen, “since the release of ‘Turbulence’ everyone in the band experienced a relationship break-up, my own mother died, our drummer and bassist left the band, and Cynthia and I recorded (and scrapped) a full albums worth of material that we recorded in Nashville, with session musicians after their departure. When Steve and Karen joined the band, everything kind of fell in to place again.”

Despite the turmoil during the past few years, Saucy Monky have toured extensively in Europe, and the USA, and shared the stage with many fancy artists, such as PJ Harvey, the B-52s, Wilco, Black Eyed Peas, The Cure, and Pink, to mention a few. In 2007, the girls made their Central Europe debut at “The Colours festival” in Ostrava, Czech Republic, alongside Marianne Faithful & The Gypsy kings.

The Saucy Monky catalogue has shown up on several high profile television shows in the States, including Veronica Mars, Drake & Josh (TV & film), Zoey 101, and MTV.


Cynthia, the daughter of a New Jersey stockbroker, and Annmarie, the daughter of an Irish race car driver, first became acquainted with each other in Los Angeles, where they both moved to pursue music and adventure! Cynthia is crap about saving money and Annmarie drives like a granny, so they obviously don't take after their fathers in that regard.

The culturally diverse band, SAUCY MONKY are comprise of members from Ireland (Annmarie Cullen), Israel (Karen Teperberg) and America (Cynthia Catania and Steve Giles). They were recently named as a HOT 100 ARTIST by the renowned Music Connection Magazine.

Cynthia found the name SAUCY MONKY in a book by Tina Brown. Although haunting melodies define their sound, they chose the band name because it’s quirky, fun and not too serious.


Disco Ball-Boulevard Remix

Written By: Turbulence

Yellow cab, windows down
Traffic Lights, Blinking slowly
I like you, coz you're fun
Keep me far away from tomorrow


Disco ball, spinning round, shoulder to shoulder, keep your world underground, and your head above water, disco ball, blind my eyes, sparkling soda


leather boots, vintage shirt
dress me up in the moment
heavy heart, dont despair
you'll be saved in the eleventh hour


"Between The Bars" (olivoiL records) is available online at iTunes and

"Turbulence" (olivoiL records) is available online at iTunes and

"Disco Ball (Boulevard Remix)" from Turbulence, charted top 50 on the American Triple A charts.

2003 "Celebrity Trash" (olivoiL records) is available online at iTunes, and

"Don't Wanna Know your Name" & "Flicker" from Celebrity Trash, garnered great airplay abroad, in Ireland.