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Austin, TX | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Austin, TX | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Hip Hop Garage Rock




"Saucy Yoda Returns to Portland"

Saucy Yoda makes her glorious return to Portland on Saturday May 20th! After extensively touring the Alaska area with her vagabond crew of blow-up dolls and plastic camels, Saucy Yoda is ready to please her hometown base with her brand of rap/rock/punk music about cats and partying. This promises to be an entertaining show

Supporting Miss Yoda this evening will be local favorite girl rock group Tiny Knives.

Also, The Potential Lunatics on tour from Long Beach California will be starting the night off. This brother sister two piece punk outfit is crafting high energy teen angst (literally they are teenagers) tunes that are sure to get the crowd wild.

And if that wasn’t enough fun for you Shitty-Oke will be hosted in the front lounge by members of K-Tel 79 and Glitter Express. This is a new recurring event of specially themed karaoke, with a limited and curated song list. This month’s theme is Gen X/Alt- 90’s. Come get your fat neck on!!! - BePortland

"The occasional potty mouthed force takes on genre - bending and - blending with style"

SAUCY YODA, aka Melodie Langer, is punk only in the sense that she does what she wants, how she wants and sometimes she wants to be silly as shit. Hell, some have even tried to give her a “-core” title, which is not only unfair to the music but also annoying as shit, so don’t be that person.

Her music spans rap, hip hop, rock, and even doo wop. Fun Saucy fact, her father used to play her old 50s and 60s songs and gave her a dollar every time she could name the song before the lyrics started. That kind of tutelage shows up in her upcoming, yet to be named, album.

“I cover styles from the 50s, 60s, 80s to present day,” she says, “this next album has a total 60s rock ‘n’ roll song on it, it’s sick as fuck!” It appears she agrees with me that the 70s sucked with a few exceptions.

Her debut album Return of the Douche, is available on both homemade CDR or cassette. Yes, I mean tape. Yes, that shit from the 80s that happened right after 8-Track which maybe three of you know what I’m talking about. “Dysfunctional Dingus” has real life lessons and morals disguised by raunchy goofball antics that may confuse simpletons into thinking that she is doing it for shock factor. “I don’t feel that’s all my music is. Some songs are goofy potty mouth songs but others actually have meaning and morals kind of hidden in the song through sarcasm and silly lyrics,” she says.

I want to say the first time I saw SY was when she opened for The Grannies. She came out on stage with painted-on cat whiskers, a helmet with horns, and sunglasses straight out of 1988. Her setup was pretty straightforward, she plugged her laptop into the soundboard, grabbed a mic, drummer Tom Black got behind the kit, and the party started. There was a similarly cat-whiskered dancing girl in the audience who tended to break out robot moves. It was party music at a punk show, but not plastic like you find in nightclubs. This was fun for people whose sense of fun sometimes ends up with someone dancing naked or arrested for behavior that society deems wrong in general—my kind of stuff.

Saucy likes to mix genres, as evidenced by her regular tour partner, Mythological Horses, a combination of anti-folk and garage, and Torture Me Elmo, a very punk band. In fact, back in her hometown of Gainesville, Florida, she was a promoter in a bar that had earlier busted her for sneaking in with a fake I.D. About the same time, she also acquired a couple of turntables and started to DJ at the same club doing mixes that somehow worked, even though they didn’t sound like they should.

The planets were lining up when she found the perfect place to host her kind of party.

“I moved into an old radio station house that we called the tree house. It had a huge balcony in the trees and a radio tower leading to the roof. I would throw huge shows there with punk and hip hop bands on the balcony,” she says. At times she had to regulate the number of people out of fear the floor would collapse.

Saucy said she tries to mix genres to “make shows more eclectic and hopefully make people more open to different genres and the mixing of them. Open-minded people rock! There is no reason to listen to only one style of music.” If you don’t agree with that then I’m sorry to say you are one of the closed minded people and are opposite of rocking—you are more of the sucking type of person.

ENTERTAINING PEOPLE ISN’T A NEW THING for Saucy. “I’ve always kind of been in the entertainment business. Even when I was little. I was in tap, jazz, ballet, gymnastics and played classical piano.” But she didn’t fit the mold and after hanging out with her I am pretty sure that was on purpose. “I played by ear and when the instructor tried to get me to learn notes, I quit. I played big recitals with dance and piano when young and I was always the fuck up. The kid that did all the wrong moves at the wrong time and was watching all the other kids and was one step behind them. Then when I was a teenager I quit all t - Philthy Phil - Anchorage, Alaska


"SAUCY YODA'S "RETURN OF THE DOUCHE" Definitely an original, Saucyyoda mixes hip-hop with a punk rock attitude á la G.G. Allin. Her rhymes are spit fire and unique. Her backing tracks are whimsical and quirky, yet hip. Lyrically, she bridges on insane, yet comes off intelligent...maybe even genius. (They say there is a fine line between genius and insanity.) For example, on "Pube Service," she raps, "If I was a pube I'd be in the food on top of your plate/Stuck to your chin from the din-din/you ate in front of your date/The one you hate/and vise-versa did not mean to hurt your ego/Why don't we go to a place called the pube on my face is evil" However, Saucyyoda can be surprisingly insightful like on "Lickety Split," a song about a girl named Cherry. Other album highlights "Garbage Pail Kid," "White Lies," and "Slimeball Driveby." Move over Lady Sovereign... Saucyyoda kicks Uranus! " - LooseyLucy's Headquarters - Downers Grove, IL

"Mythological Horses & Saucy Yoda at Casanova Dec 18th"

Wahine pop-punk MC Saucy Yoda. Read my mutilated lips, if you (like me) love Ween’s far-out foodie lyricism, you’ll find her risque metaphors in the Chinese food-inspired song “Wonton” likewise tasty. Put on your fancypants and catch this Portland pair in their Valley Isle debut at Casanova this Saturday, and if you still haven’t gotten your fill, enjoy an all-acoustic encore on Monday morning (7am, all-ages) in the parking lot of the Haleakala National Park. " - Mauitime - Maui, HI

"Fifteen Year Celebration of BEST VENUE in Orlando, Wills Pub!"

"If you pay attention to traveling underground bands you've most likely heard of Saucy Yoda and Mythological Horses. They've done a lot of traveling across the states the past three or so years, including week long stints in Alaska. How many bands do you know of go to Alaska? Yeah, I hear the sounds of cold crickets chirping. Both bands are both solo projects of two people: Sean Holley and Melodie Langer. Saucy Yoda, has every intention to make you get up, dance and smile a little. Doned in sharpie marker drawn face cat make-up Saucy turns up the dance beat and struts smart, humorous lyrics. Her music is definitely fun. With songs like "Wonton" and the party anthem "Party Everyday" you can't help but want to party everyday" - Kick Brite Zine - Orlando,FL

"Heads in the Gutters"

"Saucy Yoda, a one-woman unit cranking out a cross between indie pop and hip hop, sounds similar enough to Mickey Avalon that the two have actually toured together in the past. But Saucy Yoda’s backing tracks are infinitely better than Avalon’s, and her vocal delivery is better, too. The results are hooks that teeter between rapping and cheerleading and are unafraid to tackle the finer points of getting drunk and passing out. On paper this probably sounds a lot like Kesha, but again, there’s a level of skill that divides the two and Saucy Yoda once again comes out on top. Songs like Saucy Yoda’s “Squee” succeed because they’re funny. Another high point is “Wonton,” the song’s rife with Chinese food double entendres, and in that light the chorus of “You’re gonna want my wonton” isn’t all that dissimilar from the Waitresses’ “I Know What Boys Like.” " -June 20th,2010 - Anchorage Press - Anchorage,AK

"Saucy Yoda Is Back with Her Latest Release, Dysfunctional Dingus!"

"Saucy Yoda is back with her latest release, Dysfunctional Dingus, a collection of saucy pop, punk, and hip-hop/rap tunes. We reviewed 6 of the 9 songs on the album. "Wonton" is a punk song, where Saucy Yoda sings clever lyrics that use Chinese food as a sexual metaphor. The feel good, "Just Wanna Party," is funky hip-hop/rap with rapid fire rapping on the verses. It will definitely get you in the mood to party all night long! "Hoohoo" is fun musically, but tells the story about a guy she fell for but treated her wrong. "Mothership" is a catchy, quirky song about alchohol & drugs, and the guitar has a definite Violent Femmes influence to it. "Squee" is a hilarious song about her cat, and "MySpace" is a quick-witted satire of the the impersonal nature of MySpace. The chorus goes: "Pictures lie and so do I/Kiss me before I kill this guy/In my inbox and don't know why/Should I submit did not reply." If you love unconventional songwriting, you will love Saucy Yoda!" -Nov 16th,2010 - LooseyLucy's Headquarters - Downers Grove IL

"Saucy Yoda Unleashed A Flurry of Absurd Party Jams"

The last time I saw Saucy Yoda, it was at an underground benefit show being thrown for a friend. Standing in front of the stage with just a microphone in hand, being accompanied by a prerecorded backing track, Saucy Yoda unleashed a flurry of absurd party jams that incorporate equal parts hip-hop and electro-clash attitude. Also on that bill (and joining Saucy Yoda once again at The New Frontier) were tour mates Mythological Horses, whose lead singer took a drunken header into the drum kit - and that wasn't even close to the end of the chaotic set. Reader, the straight-up truth of this show is that it's going to be fucking nuts. I don't know about you, but I've been itching to get a little unhinged. - Rev. AM --Tacoma,Washington June 27th,2011 " - Weekly Volcano - Tacoma,WA

"Local venues rock to diverse sounds this weekend"

"In Music, Local Venues Rock To Diverse Sounds! A diverse amalgam of Northwest musicians descend upon Kitsap this weekend, offering a grand interjection to the standard disjointedness on your radio. Musical collective Mythological Horses, with the anti-folk sounds of Shawn Holley, makes the trek from the Beaver State to Bremerton’s Winterland, where they’ll play with Portland’s Saucy Yoda, a mash of hip hop and oldies bringing the lyrical love child of slapstick and attitude. They take the stage at 9 p.m. Friday, April 30 " - North Kitsap Herald - Bremerton,WA

"Saucy Yoda Dysfunctional Dingus Cafe"

"Saucy Yoda busts out of portland, playing house parties, bars, underage clubs and anywhere the masses gather. She’s there with her mp3 player in hand to crank out some party jams and elicit laughter. Her rhymes fly so fast and furious, its impossible to catch it all on one’s first listen. References to 80's nostalgia, jokes, innuendo and unguarded observations are flung overwhelmingly at the listener: some couplets resemble yearbook scribblings, others: bathroom stall wisdom, filthy children’s hopscotch songs, and the rest, the kitchen staff’s secrets you weren’t supposed to hear. She starts the party off with a very silly rap full of puns and metaphors comparing asian food to sex. Album opener, Wanton has much less of the slick “produced sound” its got real drums and an acoustic guitar. “He’s going down to sushi town for a spicy tuna roll.”
"She performs alongside indie rock bands as opposed to other female rappers…because there are no others like her! I think she might find a welcome audience alongside comedians. She’s better (and less arrogant) than Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim, but the radio djs don’t know yet. She shows she’s not a one trick pony, she can rap about sex, drugs, and beer! Her first cd, “Return of the Douche” had tight radio friendly beats and samples with a fast delivery and lots of vocal overdubs. The newer cd has a more organic sound, with a live bass on many tracks and much more guitar. Both albums deliver laughs and “oh shit” moments in spades. I liked the first one more, as it seemed more personal and the tempos were faster. There are no tracks here asking the deep feminist issues/social questions like, “isn’t makeup a form of a lie?” Its just a party, backing off from the social commentary and the philosophical, but still demonstrating that Saucy is smart and ridiculous." -Sept 2011 - Isaac Paris - Fairbanks,AK

"Saucy Yoda, Grrrl Friend, Boom!, Nucular Aminals and Mythological Horses"

"By now you've likely heard the news that local all-ages institution the Artistery is facing a developer's wrecking ball and will sadly close their basement door for good next month. Portland's youth-friendly music scene likely won't be the same again, but dry your eyes and take advantage of the Southeast showspace while it's still here. Tonight's headliner Saucy Yoda is the nom de plume of one Melodie Langer, a sometime Portlander who traverses the States—and not just the continental ones, she just wrapped up tours of Alaska and Hawaii—with her bawdy lo-fi party jams. Langer channels the profane freakiness of Peaches but does so with a modest production budget. " -Feb 2011 - The Mercury - Portland,OR


"It's Not A Mystery" CD/LP (July 2015) Wiener Records 

"Dysfunctional Dingus" CDR/EP (June 2010) Self-Released

"Dysfunctional Dingus" CASSETTE/EP (Junly 2011) Godless America

"Return Of The Douche" CD/LP (January 2007) Double Dutch Records

*Tracks off all albums get radio play in many different states in the U.S.
*A few songs have been performed LIVE ON TELEVISION from Manhattan Neighborhood Network studios and aired on Manhattan TV.
*Some Saucy Yoda tour posters designed by Pat Moriarty have been placed on the set in the new season of WEEDS on Showtime.



From bathroom stall wisdom and filthy hopscotch songs to the kitchen staff's dirty little secrets, Saucy Yoda's mash of rap, garage, pop, slapstick and attitude will have you singing and dancing in no time! Look out kids! She's ALWAYS on tour ROCKING house parties and venues across America.