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2010 Single
"Anything" (Released October 2010)

2005 Full Length
"Growin' Pains" (Released December 2005)

2005 Singles
"Love Afar"

Songs Streaming on Pandora:
"Love Afar"
"You Came"
"I Think I Can Love You"
"Lovin' Need"
"Change Comes"
"Living in the Moment"
"Little Things"
"Beautiful Lover"



SAUDA: On A Journey to Find Myself…And Share My Music with The World

My decision to pursue music full-time wasnt an epiphany. It was more a journey of trial and error, beginning with my arrival into this world. I was born in Portland, Oregon, to the sounds of Stevie Wonders Isnt She Lovely playing on the radio. It continued with my father making up songs and singing them to us at bedtime and in the mornings. My mother was an avid music lover as well—in addition to Stevie Wonder, she listened to the Eagles and Earth, Wind & Fire on the turntable. Those were happy early memories. But things changed when I was five years old and my father relocated my siblings and me to Liberia, West Africa—without my mother.

It was difficult living without my mom, but music always soothed me. While in Africa, I sang in the choir and always had a solo. My father often listened to Sade, and she became one of my greatest musical influences. One of my fondest memories is sitting in the quiet of our front porch late one evening while my father taught me to sing the Lords Prayer. Though music was a constant, caring for my younger brother and sister became my priority.

When I was fifteen, my father brought us back to the United States. I joined school choirs when we were living in Washington, D.C., and later in Seattle, where I reunited with my mother. The repertoires in these choral groups included songs such as Gloria, My Guy and Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. I spent my high school senior year in Charlotte, North Carolina, where instead of singing, I ran track. I'm not sure why I chose track as opposed to joining the choir; perhaps I just wanted to try something different. After graduation, I headed off to North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro.

Initially I majored in Elementary Education but later switched to Psychology. I realize now that, subconsciously, I chose these majors rather than music because I didn't want to face my fear that I might not be good enough at music. During my senior year, though, I took a psychological test that confirmed my true interests lay in music. I decided to complete my BA in Psychology, but when I graduated in 1997, I packed up my things and moved to Atlanta to pursue my true passion.

Atlanta—birthplace of Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Civil Rights Movement and home to music artists such as Goodie Mob, Outkast, Arrested Development, and The Black Crowes to name a few. It was the perfect place for me to continue my musical journey. And Atlanta did indeed prove conducive to cultivating my talents and rediscovering my deep love for singing. Shortly after arriving there, my grandmother passed away, and I was asked to sing Amazing Grace at her funeral. Much of my family was unaware of my singing ability. Their positive response to my performance motivated me to delve deeper into the art form, and I soon began taking voice lessons.

During my first lesson, my teacher informed me that I had a four-octave range! This knowledge gave me newfound courage, and I began auditioning for bands and attending open mic nights at local clubs. I spent many a late evening at these events, meeting and collaborating with poets, musicians and other singers. I taught myself to play guitar and began performing my own shows. In December 2002, while working multiple jobs, I took destiny by the reigns and began writing and recording songs for a demo CD. My plans to start with just three songs quickly grew into a full-length project. In 2005, in collaboration with various Atlanta musicians, I completed my debut album, aptly titled Growin' Pains.

Since then I've performed with New Kids on the Block, Slick & Rose, Heston and many other jazz, pop and R&B greats! I also decided to deepen my formal music training by attending The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York, though I'm currently on hiatus while I create a new album. I also launched my first tour in February 2010 that took me to 15 cities!

Music has been an inspiring and motivating force in my life for a very long time. If ever I'm down or a bit confused about my life and where I'm going all I have to do is sing or listen to my favorite song and I'm better, clearer, focused and once again inspired. God has given me an amazing voice and my commitment is to transform the world one song at a time. The one thing I want you to remember about me is that I am inspiration through song.

So, look out world, here I come! This is only the beginning! Stay tuned...

What People Are Saying About Sauda:

"No growing pains here, as Sauda's one of the strongest new artists we've heard from the ultra-hip Atlanta scene -- a vocalist with a sense of pride and presence that grabs you right from the very first tune."-Dusty Groove

"Sauda has the voice of a songbird...She's well on her way to stardom." - Jodine's Corner