Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia




It's all about performing, and when you hear the Saudis counting off the first song of the night, get ready for a punch to the forehead. (A pleasant one.) Our first order of business is drive, power and excitement. Don't expect two songs to sound alike. An explosive beginning may fall to a whisper in order to set up the house for an unforseen uprising. Change in life is inevitable and can be disturbing or stimulating. What can you be sure of?
And so it should be in music. Art imitates life. We might howl at you or sing like angels, all in the same song. Welcome to the world. Yet there is nothing angry about Saudi Arabia. We want to have fun, be funny and be your friends. Maybe.

In 2007 and 2008, Saudi Arabia has been performing in clubs throughout Philadelphia, and its suburbs, steadily climbing in recognition. Saudi Arabia recently recorded a live on-air performance with Y-rock on 88.5 WXPN, and have been getting reviews in print and web press, as well ascommercial (clear channel 94.1 WYSP), college, and podcast airplay.

The Saudis' lineage traces from Shorty Boy-boy, a one-man effort whose eponymous CD entitled /Kicking Your Ass, Than Smoking Your Grass/ in 2006 was written, performed and recorded by Josh Pannepacker. With gigs looming, a Shorty Boy-boy band was formed and initially performed just the Pannepacker portfolio. Many new songs soon arose from the ensemble, although Josh, and now Vinnie, are the principal composers. The Saudi sets consist of the best of the past and present.


Shorty Boy-boy - Kicking Your Ass, Than Smoking Your Grass (2006)
$200,000 (2008)
Yellow (2009)

Set List

Original Music
1 Hour...depending on venue
20 Songs to choose from