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"It's a feel good, upbeat vibe."

It's a feel good, upbeat vibe. Gimme a serving of that Little Feat jam, a dash of Traffic with a glass Sauer Wine! Rock and Roll actually still lives!
Gordon DelGiorno
Film Brothers Productions - Gordon DelGiorno

"Great musicianship."

Sauerwine's CD has added so much quality music to our radio shows. Incredible musicianship and songwriting. Can't wait to see the band live.

- Joe Kelley, “Upper Room with Joe Kelley" radio show, WVOF 88.5 FM Fairfield, CT - Joe Kelley

"A refreshing, smooth sound."

A refreshing, smooth sound. Great Lyrics and Beats that you can move to!

-Matt Musnamno, General Manager & Talent Buyer, Hard Rock Café, Philadelphia, PA - Matt Musnamno

"The Sound of Sauerwine"

“Meaty 70s-influenced rock blended with smooth contemporary lyrical styles in a bowl of jazz & Latin croutons. Sauerwine Salad, baby. “ - Out & About Magazine


"Decade of Dues" 2004 Target Studio release
"Live from the MME" 2004 live cd
"Live from Toscana" 2004 live cd
"Vinyl e" 2000 home studio release
plus countless numbers of live recordings


Feeling a bit camera shy


Originally formed 8 years ago as an improvisational jam-based college band, Sauerwine's sound has been ever-evolving. By transforming an acoustic free form sound into tight rhythm- and bass-driven melodies, founding members Markus Christoph, Matt Holub, and Matt Frost have unleashed a new fusion of musical styles. Complement that sound with the creamy-satin vocals of Kori Campion and the tone-crazy guitar licks of Kyle Bollendorf, and you've got Sauerwine. In essence, this band reaches out to the masses to give them a style of rock music they've been missing.

Representing a class all its own, Sauerwine's best comparison to popular music can be interpreted as follows: Take one cup of the Talking Heads originality and one cup of Led Zeppelin's creative mastery, add a teaspoon of the Red Hot Chili Peppers funk-rock & a tablespoon of The Doobie Brothers dancing blues-rock, mix thoroughly in a progressive bowl, and sprinkle Dave Matthews' driving lyrical style on top. Flavor Sauerwine's evocative lyrics with a jazzy vintage rock vibe and some funk-a-licious beats, and you've got an adequate summation of the Sauer-sound.

By playing all types of venues, including Philly's Grape St. Pub and the Hard Rock Cafe', from local brew pubs to Summer festivals, and the occasional battle-of-the-bands or house party, the 'Wine' continually adds new listeners in a variety of markets. This band of ambitious characters continues to cast their spell of uniqueness throughout Pennsylvania, New York, and Delaware, month after month, and year after year. They have no plans of stopping anytime soon and with the release of their first studio album, Decade of Dues, they're poised to provide new listeners with a musical trueness they've been longing to hear.

Sauerwine has also been awarded 'house band' status with a number of their recurring venues and are always asked to participate in a slew of annual events. They've opened for national acts, like Mercy River and Fooling April, and maintain close ties with other local bands and musicians, often sharing shows to broaden the musical experience of the audience. Sauerwine represents a love for music with an energy that's enthralling and highly contagious. Like a fine tasty 'Wine' invigorating the sweetest bouquet of sound to excite your aural senses, Sauerwine leaves you with an addictive aftertaste like no other musical creation has done before. These guys can play and they're here to stay.