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SAUL GOOD is a 16 year old rapper/entertainer, whose flow and delivery goes against the grain when it comes to being a typical mc. His dynamic style is so fluid and unique most listeners will be amazed that this artist is merely 16 years of age.


Saul Montgomery, pka SAUL GOOD, was born and raised in the Queen Lane projects in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. Growing up, he listened to LL Cool J and admired LL's ability to have longevity in an occupation that is notoriously short for any artist without the ability to move product. The fact that LL could establish himself as pillar in the industry provided inspiration for Saul to embark on this journey.

From the onset, it was easy for Saul to associate the music business with the drug game that he knew growing up. Living with his dad made him appreciate the lyrical skills of founding rappers like Rakim, KRS One, and Slick Rick. As his music taste started to expand, so did his ability to write poetry. He discovered this talent at the early age of 10. Soon afterward. he started singing and dancing and performing in front of his family. At the age of 14 he began to structure his broken poems into complete songs.

At a family get together, he recited one of those songs to Kerwyn John, a cousin of his, who was so impressed with that piece that he set up a meeting with Stanley Robinson, Jr. (pka Rob Infinite) and Donald Yorkman: who along with Kerwyn John are co-founders of Local Five-8 Entertainment, LLC., an independent label/production company located in Philadelphia. After hearing Saul rap, they signed him on the spot.

By the winter of 2005, Saul Good completed an internship under Aisha Winfield of the Heatholders management team based in Philadelphia. At 15, he was the youngest person in the internship but that did not discourage him from taking the opportunity.

In the fall of 2005, Saul landed a part in "Off the Black", a movie starring Nick Nolte, Trevor Morgan and Noah Fleiss. That same year, he also had the opportunity to do some modeling and even though he did an incredible job for a newcomer, his heart is in his music.

Saul Good released his first mixed tape in January of 2006 aptly named "Class of '06 the mixtape" to great reveiws. His song P-H-I-L-L-Y was featured on Power 99 fm as the "Home Town Jam" on 12/24/05.

The songs for his debut album "ALL DAY EVERYDAY" have already been recorded, however, Saul still continues to work on new material. His songs include special guest appearances from the likes of B-Ducci, Roscoe P. Colchain from the Neptunes fame, and the Jamaican Prince Steve "Stamma" Sterling. Saul's new single "Push em Up" can be heard on Power 99 fm and The Beat 100.3 fm.

With this bright future, Saul is definitely destined for stardom.

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Class of '06 the mixtape

Set List

Push em Up
Right Here
Don't Get it Twisted

12 minutes long