Saulo Duarte e a Unidade
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Saulo Duarte e a Unidade

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
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"Saulo Duarte e a Unidade - From Brega style to Indie Rock (2012)"

Born in Belem (Para), raised in Fortaleza (Ceara) and living in Sao Paulo, Saulo Duarte had an erratic musical career, playing here and there as solo artist or as a guitarist in Tita Lima’s band. He needed to organize his ideas and release an album that attested his talent. And now this album has arrived. Produced by Carlos Eduardo Miranda, the work reflects the artist's musical interests. It ranges from the classic brega style ("Essa Semana", with surprising lyrics about a rejected gift by a lover) to indie rock ("Meu Sonho E Voce"), going through reggae ("Manda Ela Comprar Um Iglu"), the "Jovem Guarda" movement ("Nao Vale a Pena) and northeastern music from the 70's ("Amor de Piracao", that is pure Alceu Valenca). But the gemstone is "Misterio no Olhar", a carimbo with a rock sound as no one ever conceived. Tulipa Ruiz features in "Onze Horas", leaving the collection even more attractive. If you thought the year was poor in new artists, check out Saulo Duarte e a Unidade and review your concepts. - Billboard Magazine

"Artist from Para [Brazil] debuts showing traditional music roots but not forgetting the pop."

Saulo Duarte is brega, carimbo, pop, soul and reggae. Produced by Carlos Eduardo Miranda, Mauricio Tagliari, Klaus Sena and himself, his debut album is filled with great special guests. From Acre comes Diogo Soares (Los Porongas’ front man) and talented guitarist Joao Eduardo (former Los Porongas guitarist). The first song is the pop ballad “Amor de Piracao”. The next track, “Misterio no Olhar”, brings the carimbo spice. “Nao Vale a Pena” could easily be heard in Erasmo Carlos’ voice. Tulipa Ruiz brightens “Onze Horas”. And “Essa Semana”, one of the best tracks, has the romantic suffering style of Odair Jose. Saulo Duarte managed to condense in 11 tracks many brazilian musical traditions, but this should not be mistakened as lack of direction. The singer has little bit of everything without falling into any specific category. - Roling Stone Magazine

"Saulo Duarte mingles urban music with regional music"

At the age of 24, Saulo Duarte defines Sao Paulo as a preamplifier for his music. As a result of his life in the city, he recognizes that his music and his lyrics sound cosmopolit and paulistana (from Sao Paulo) in a positive way.

Born in Belém, raised in Fortaleza and for 4 years now in the biggest brazilian city, the singer, composer and musician releases his first album "Saulo Duarte e a Unidade" this friday at SESC Ipiranga.

The album took more than two years to be recorded and was produced in two different moments. First at the band`s home studio, Cambuci Roots, where Saulo used to live and that that now is a professional recording studio. This initial phase was directed by bass player and producer Klaus Sena and Saulo [Duarte]. With the album recorded and about to be mixed, Saulo performed at “Feira da Música” in Fortaleza playing guitar with Tita Lima’s band. There, he met Carlos Augusto Miranda and gave him a pre-mixed version of his album.

"I did not expect much, he (Miranda) probably gets too many albums... he happened to like our music and suggested a few modifications to be made at YB studios." says Saulo

With all compositions by Saulo Duarte, most of the lyrics tell stories about his life in the city, and the music has strong connections with traditional northern brazilian styles such as carimbo and guitarrada, but not limited to that, it visits other styles as bolero and ska.

“I was inspired by those artists who make songs telling stories like Roberto Carlos, Odair Jose, Reginaldo Rossi and Jorge Ben” says Saulo.

This friday Saulo will perform the 11 tracks of his album and will host Felipe Cordeiro as a special guest, that will perform his hit "Legal e Ilegal" and a new carimbo song that will feature in Saulo’s next album.

The show will also feature singers Daniel Groove and Diogo Soares, who share with Saulo the composition of the song Que Massa. Tulipa Ruiz also featured in the album singing in the track “Onze Horas”. - Folha de Sao Paulo (newspaper)

"Best of 2013 - Five shows are elected as best national show"

Five shows were tied in first position in the “best national show" category: Gaforreia Xilarmonica, Mallu Magalhaes, Odair Jose and Saulo Duarte e a Unidade. (...)
"Saulo Duarte e a Unidade is indie rock with carimbo" Jose Flavio Junior - Folha de Sao Paulo (newspaper)

"Best album of the year: Jose Flavio Junior"

(...) Vote for Bruno Souto`s Estado de Nuvem as 2013 best album (...) if this campaign works I will regret not have done the same to Saulo Duarte e a Unidade, my favorite of 2012 and whose album insists never leaving my CD player.
- José Flávio Júnior is journalist and Billboard Brasil magazine editor. - screan and yell

"Eleven hour (Onze Horas) in a videoclip"

“Onze horas” videoclip

Saulo Duarte e a Unidade just released their first music video "Onze horas". Directed by Viviane Rodrigues, featuring actor Dudu Oliveira and actress Juliana Didone. In the plot, they play a romantic couple living the pleasures and pains of a relationship. “Post It” messages left in the house guides the narrative.

The song “Onze Horas” features special guest brazilian singer Tulipa Ruiz, and is one of the best tracks in the band`s first album, released in the beginning of this year by YB Music, produced by Carlos Eduardo Miranda. Saulo and his band are already working on their second album to be released in 2014. Little is known about it, but it will feature many special guests. Follow up the news in the band's Facebook fan page. - O diario do nordeste (newspaper)

"The new stage"

Music as we know it is changing: artists are choosing to perform in small venues with online live transmission.
Yesterday, three young musicians performed a show together: Blubell (singer from Sao Paulo), Felipe Cordeiro and Saulo Duarte (both from Belem do Para).

Saulo has roots in Ceara and performs with his band, Unidade: Klaus Sena (bass), Beto Gibbs (drums), João Leão (keyboards) and Tulio Bias (percussions).

"We performed together in a very exclusive venue. We played songs from our careers. There were songs from my first album, two new songs from my new album “Quente”, about to be released, and also from Blubell`s and Felipe Cordeiro`s albums. It is great because this is a way for our people to see us performing. We left our hometowns and sometimes it takes a long time for us to go back" says Saulo Duarte, thinking about Fortaleza, city where he first performed.


Saulo remembers that a few years ago, when he had just arrived in Sao Paulo, in 2009, they performed a live streaming show in their home studio Cambuci Roots (where they recorded their first album "Saulo Duarte e a Unidade", 2012).

"We arranged the streaming with a free web application, it was very simple. We performed to 30 viewers and and made contact with them through a chat." he recalls. The video is still avaiable at youtube ( This time we invited journalists to the [YB] studio, some special guests, but very few people.The difference was that this time it was an official Youtube Brazil streaming with high quality audio and video." celebrates Saulo.

The show took place at YB Music studios, where Saulo is recording his second album and also where Felipe Cordeiro and Blubell recorded theirs. The Youtube transmission was realized through "What's Next" channel. - O diario do nordeste (newspaper)

"Saulo Duarte, from Para, releases his first album."

Born in Belém and raised in Fortaleza, the brazilian singer lives in Sao Paulo for nearly five years. The places where he passes by had a strong influence on the artist's first album. Produced by Carlos Eduardo Miranda, it was released in 2012. The music is filled with elements from Para, such as carimbo and guitarrada styles. His personal experience in Sao Paulo can be felt in Saulo`s lyrics. The band will perform Onze Horas and Que Massa. 26/11/2013. - veja magazine

"Saulo Duarte e a Unidade mixes samba-rock, brega music and carimbo"

Roberto Carlos, Odair Jose, Reginaldo Rossi e Jorge Ben are references in the short, however interesting career of Saulo Duarte e a Unidade, band that will perform at CCSP stage this thursday. There, the group from Para, former attraction of "Prata da Casa" [a festival known for revealing musicians like Marcelo Jeneci] will perform their first album. The CD was released last year and had Carlos Eduardo Miranda (Gabi Amarantos) as musical producer. Most of the songs are composed by Saulo Duarte, the front man whose band is named after.
Besides him, singing and playing the guitar, the band is formed by Klaus Sena (bass), Beto Gibbs (drums), Joao Leao (keyboards), Tulio Bias and Igor Caracas (percussions).
Exploring the samba-rock, brega music, and guitarrada (that mixes choro with carimbo) styles the music is good for dancing and sounds unique.

Brand New

There is something new coming up. The band is about to release their second album "Quente". Artists as Felipe Cordeiro, Manoel Cordeiro and Curumin featured as special guests.

The group decided to use a crowdfunding website to fund their CD and Vinyl release. They are selling the cd and vinyl in advance and will use the money to make them. To buy the cd, access the website and click on "contribute to this project" and choose between cd, LP, t-shirts and other kits. (...) - revista sao paulo - folha de sao paulo (newspaper)


Saulo Duarte e a Unidade`s first album was produced by Carlos Eduardo Miranda and featured the Brazilian singer Tulipa Ruiz on the single Onze Horas. The band`s video for that single, released in Oct.2013, featured the actress Juliana Didone and the actor Dudu Oliveira.

video clip:


Second album (to be released august 2014) "Quente"

Saulo Duarte e a Unidade are about to release their second album, produced by themselves and by Mauricio Tagliari . Recorded in the studio YB Music , the album will feature guest artists such as Felipe Cordeiro , Manuel Cordeiro , Curumin , Ceruto and Luis de la Hoz (Cuba) , David Hubbard (Guyana), Alex Tea (EUA) and many others.



A band with strong roots in the traditional rhythms and melodies of northern Brazil. Their distinctive sound evokes elements of carimbo, cumbia and guitarrada, complemented with afro-pop and reggae.

The group was elected the best brazilian 2013`s show, by Folha de Sao Paulo (brazilian main newspaper agency).

The band is about to release their second album. Recorded at YB Music studios, the album features special guest artists such as Felipe Cordeiro,  Curumin, Ceruto (Cuba), and many others.

Saulo Duarte e a Unidade is

Saulo Duarte (guitarist)

Joao Leao (keyboardist)

Klaus Sena (bassist)

Beto Gibbs (drummer)

Tulio Bias (percussionist)

Igor Caracas (percussionist)

Band Members