Saul Rayo & Kitchen of the World

Saul Rayo & Kitchen of the World


"Invigorating!" Saul Rayo's recipe of culturally diverse, multi talented musicians delivers 100% original music blending African, Cuban & Tribal grooves with back porch Blues, Funk, Soul, and Rock & Roll the media hails as “ contagious dance grooves... "Original and Hot” CALIENTE!


Nicaraguan singer, songwriter, SAUL RAYO has over thirty years in the music industry writing songs for Warner Music, Nashville and collaborating with Russell Smith of the Amazing Rhythm Aces, Randy Travis, Roger Hodgson (Supertramp), John Hammond Jr., Joan Baez and Utah Phillips.

Rayo has shared the stage with Elvin Bishop, Leon Russell, Miriam Makeba, Steve Kimock, Leo Nocentelli, Particle, Hamsa Lila, John Fogerty, Taj Mahal, Melvin Seals, The Jerry Garcia Band, Fareed Haque Group and others.

Acclaimed for producing and arranging a variety of sell-out performances, Rayo best describes his original style as "Bukra Music" (back porch blues mixed with world beat.) The word "Bukra" literally meaning "of unknown origin" and Rayo definitely carves out a style uniquely his own. With the exception of producing his annual, consistently sold-out Tribute Shows, Rayo delivers 100% original music and more with his secret-sauce recipe ensemble, an eclectic combination of multi-national, multi-cultural and multi-talented musicians, singers and artists which make up his accompanying ensembles.

Rayo performs solo and in varying combinations with his kitchen in 3 piece, 4 piece, 8 piece and 12 piece acoustic, electric and vocal ensembles offering a diverse presence that makes each performance dynamic, fresh & unique.

The saucy Kitchen of the World is a colorful combustion of flavors blending African, Cuban, Latin American, Native American and Tribal music with back porch Blues, Funk, Soul, Folk, and Rock & Roll. The media best describes this serving as deliciously "Caliente!"

"A hard working band -A MUST SEE... Cocina Del Mundo's sound is contagious. They deliver with an invigorating stage presence and hypnotic groove -that consistently lights up our festivals and brings the people to their feet. Thank you Saul Rayo!"
CA MTM FESTIVALS 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006

Saul and the Kitchen has played at the California World Music Festival, the Whole Earth Festival in Davis, the Oregon Country Fair, the Trinity Tribal Stomp, the Monterey Strawberry Festival, the American River Confluence Festival, the California Music That Matters Festival, The Center for the Arts, Sacramento Capitol Marathon, Boulder Creek's Blue Sun, Rancho Nicasio, Constable Jack’s, The Winter Stage and are retained for performances, events, private parties and celebrations around the nation and Central America.



Written By: Saul Rayo

I stand on the left
you stand on the right
Seems all we do is
we fuss ‘n we fight
But nothing gets done
And this ‘ol world keeps spinning around

Each of us promising a better way
While behind the lies…..
we claw for the crown

I blame it on you
you put it on me
The one thing we do
is fight naturally
The planet gets done
while we argue again and again

We’re tearing at the last root
she has to give
While from the blackened skies
rain burns into my skin

Economy or ecology
while the poor and the planet bleed
It won’t go away it’s creeping to your door
It’s all about greed
the disease is greed

I got a warm bed
most sleep on the street
How come so many starve
when there’s so much to eat?
But nothing gets done
It’s there on the tube while I play my guitar

I’m late for the revolution once again
But first I gotta go
’n buy gas for my car


Written By: Saul Rayo

I heard the shouting of my people today
Love rained down like water

I listened to
the message they had to say
Love rained down like water
Hundreds of thousands flowed
thru the streets of San Francisco

Love rained down like water
Gave me the feeling
that there was no other way to go
Love rained down like water

The melding of the tribes will only
make us stronger
We are the wave they can resist no longer

Filling me up
and the chants in the streets were ringing
All thru the day I could hear my people singing

I had my love
she was with me today
Love rained down like water
The sun broke thru
and it lit every step of the way
Love rained down like water
Millions flowed from Rome to Sacramento
Love rained down like water
Gave me a feeling
that I always want to know

Love rained down like water
And it filled me up
though the tears in my eyes were stinging
All thru the day I could hear my people singing

Om No War
Om No War
Om No War
Om No War


Written By: Saul Rayo

Everybody! Close your eyes for me,
Tell me, can you feel the sun?
Everybody! Feel it in your hearts
An spread a little love on everyone

Hey, heed what I say / free you soul
I said hey, heed what I say / free your soul yea

So hey, there’s a rainbow of you out there
Dancin in the light
Yeah, your smiles and your laughter
Are filling up the night

Oh, what I say / is heal your soul
Oh, oh, oh / heal your soul

It’s time for you to clear the table
Don’t let your troubles hang on you
Free yourself now, if you’re able
I see you comin thru / comin thru it’s you! Yea!

Sisters! While smilin’ with your brothers
Continue dancin’ happily
Yeah! So put your hands together
An come and sing this song with me

Oh, oh, oh / heal my soul
I said oh, oh, oh, / heal my soul
I said oh, oh, oh, / heal my soul


Written By: Saul Rayo

Hey babe
can you feel the planet moan?
Huge wave
they won't leave it alone
The Beast is here
struttin all its foolish pride
Brings tears
the way it's grown in size yeah
Pissing poison
its torrents soak the earth
Relentless gorging
while it's giving birth
And it's comin round
comin round

No reprieves
can't I make you understand
I was naive
'til the Beast bit off my hand
OM and prayer
good to get you through the night
But it's a grave filled lair
so we have to stand and fight yeah

Time's against us
it's a desperate call
Come together
form a human wall
It ain't slowing down
whoa it ain't slowing down

we've been asleep too long
New day
and we have to right what's wrong
The Beast is here
can you feel its merciless eyes
Don't fear
cause I aint going to run and hide no.

If we are going to stop it
we have to start
Let's light this fire
in our warrior hearts
Cause its going down
and I ain't going down
No I aint going down

So let's save something
for the children
For our children (Repeat to end)


Written By: Saul Rayo

In my dreams you came to me
Over the years and a day
I can see that you are tired... tired
cause you've come such a long, long way... my love

My soul it soars over your mountain
Its flowing into your sea
I believe, I believe my baby
This is my love for you inside of me... my love

Calling me, calling me home
calling me, calling no phone

You talk to me without talking
I understand perfectly
You come to me without walking
I'm contacting you my love
I know you are contacting me... my love

Calling me, calling me home
calling me, calling no phone


Harrah's Television & Radio Commercial
Saul Rayo: Rhythm and Groove, 2000
Saul Rayo: Talking to the Dead, 2003
Saul Rayo & Cocina Del Mundo: Sauce from the Kitchen, 2005

Set List

The band has a repertoire of approximately 55 original songs. The band's set list is tailored to fit each occasion.

A typical set list may look like this:

Love Rain Down
Mother Delouse
Late for the Revolution
Take Me Down
Cocina del Mundo
Por Un Beso
Que Milagro
Shooting Star
Musee d’Orsay