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"Brings bass to chucktown"

Sub Shanti guarantees to bring a good time... page 18 below - Chattanooga Pulse


“From the reverb-drenched strings nestled into the synthetic drums of album-opener "Space Zen" to the transcendental chants and grimy bass of album-closer "Cosmic Brains," it's clear that SaumG of Sub Shanti inhabits far more dimensions than your average bro-step midi manipulators. Again, dubstep is the easy reference point — innard-rattling sub-bass is one of SaumGs hallmarks — but the sense of melody is more complex, more developed. Motifs weave in and out of songs, which don't adhere to the four-notes-for-16-bars-vocal-sample-bass-drop-repeat formula that's come to define the genre's most predictable proponents. Sub Shanti's music flows naturally, descending into chaos at some points, gently lapping at the shores of consciousness the next. Tempos shift and unfurl across Space Zen like a light-speed traveler veering between gravity wells, accelerating and decelerating amid galactic bodies on a voyage to the outer edge of the knowable, the comprehensible.”
Sean L Maloney - Nashville SCENE - Nashville Scene

"When Dubstep Meets Classical" - Digilove


X Toy - Single (Available on Comcast Xfinity On Demand Network in 16 Million homes since 2009 - 2013)
Mind Goes Numb - Single
Universal Dreams - Album (15 Tracks)
Space Zen - Album (10 Tracks)
10 Singles on Beatport.



Since the age of 3, SaumG has been studying music. His mother was an eastern and western classically trained singer and composer and transferred her passion for music to both of her sons. As well as studying classical music SaumG also had an affinity for technology and electronic music. This lead him to experiment with computer based digital workstations, ultimately allowing him to spread his artistic creativity to a new platform. Having used many different methods of creating music SaumG is a true artist to the core and can make music with or without a computer. However, he currently loves EDM, but he even admits that maybe later in his life he will write a concerto or a solo piece. Currently Saum G is an artist of dance manifestations. He has an innate ability to bring his electronic techniques to life through a talent that is hard to match. In addition to his technical production abilities, Saum plays live cello at every performance, and adds his vocals to certain tracks of his. Saum studied with prestigious master Hans Jorgen Jensen at the Meadowmount School of Music, where Yo Yo Ma and other notable artists learned. He has shared the stage and worked with many notable artists, among a few are: Skrillex, Bassnectar, Judge Jules, Rupam Islam, Big Gigantic, Ghostland Observatory. SaumG was also the founder of Group SUB SHANTI. Sub Shanti had a pivotal role in the organization of Dexfest which lasted from 2009 - 2011. Dexfest hosted the acts: Skrillex, Ghostland Observatory, Disco Biscuits, MiMosA, to name a few. SaumG has a base in Nashville as well as Los Angeles, and his roots are from India. With this fortunate foundation SaumG plans to push his sound to the ears of listeners worldwide.