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"Saunter Struts"

With few missteps, Saunter is running onto Chapel Hill's music scene. After one listen, Saunter is likable. Give it a few more spins and it's addictive. - Univ. of NC Daily Tarheel


"...a heady, driving synthesis of carnal and chemical knowledge"

- The Independent - Raleigh, NC

"Praise for "Excuses""

Self-proclaimed purveyors of "Southern indie rock," Saunter's debut LP Excuses picks up where their 2003 EP left off, delivering steamy, ribald horn-and-guitar-based burners from the South. Saunter keeps the lid on tight... - The Independent Weekly - Raleigh, NC

"More Praise for "Excuses""

A witty and intelligent mix of funky rock-n-roll with enough sarcasm to make you smile for no particular reason, hours after giving it a spin...A definite band to watch for in the near future. Be warned: Once this disc enters your cd player it will stay there forever. - Music Maker Magazine

"Even More Praise"

" incredibly talented group offering some of the most incredible alternative rock, not to mention an excellent album, Excuses." - The Independent Anthem Podcast

"One Last Praise for "Excuses""

Raleigh, North Carolina’s dirty little secret may not be that secret anymore after the release of their newest album..."Excuses". Saunter is sure to become popular not only with local crowds, but nationwide. -


Saunter - Bustin' Loose (2007)
Saunter - Excuses (2005)
Saunter - Saunter: the debut EP (2003)



Wow. Saunter rules. They play Southern Indie rock and have been doing so for about 9 years. Raleigh, NC's longest running completely unknown original band has big news for you. Saunter releases their third album, "Bustin' Loose" in October 2007. Luscious three part harmonies blend over top a tight rhythm section, chunky guitar & key riffs, and Raleigh's best rock saxophone. 6 tracks of absolute tastiness. Saunter also puts on a damn fine performance complete with karate-chop-leg-kicks, theremin solos, and the elusive warble (a.k.a. handmonica).

About Saunter: Having cut their teeth for years in the collegiate scene, their musicianship and songwriting have evolved in new and better directions at each turn. They're relishing the warm reception of "Bustin' Loose" by local radio DJ's at 96Rock & WKNC 88.1FM (by far NC's dopest college station - ever). The last album, Excuses, moved 2500 copies, got great radio and podcast airtime around the country.

A legend in their own minds, this is your chance to be that dude/dudette that gets to say "I saw Saunter in Oh-7 before they were opening for Elton John, bro. Did you know they were big in Sweden at the time?" Say this to any band member at the show and they'll buy you a beer. Come out. Bring the posse.