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Chicago, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Alternative Rock


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Darien, Illinois, United States

Darien, Illinois, United States

SAUSAGE BRAIN @ Cigars & Stripes

Berwyn, Illinois, United States

Berwyn, Illinois, United States

SAUSAGE BRAIN @ Bada Brew Bar & Grill

Crest Hill, Illinois, United States

Crest Hill, Illinois, United States



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Sausage Brain is extremely pleased to announce that we have just released "Three Little Pigs" January 18th, 2016 on Bandcamp.  Where it can be found for sale at  It is our first 3 song EP! We are looking forward to a positive response and to raising the money to get back in to Studio VMR as soon as possible to record a much anticipated full length album.  



Fun loving and in your face, Sausage Brain has an unique style of music that is truly all our own. Our energy and live performances are undeniably entertaining. While some of our songs are hilariously explicit and meant for an adult audience, Sausage Brain has such an extensive wide array of material that we can adjust our set list to play just about any event.  We can play various styles of music from song to song or stick to one theme for a particular set or show.  We can be family friendly or we can be edgy, either way Sausage Brain is sure to entertain.

Led by lead vocalist Andy V, bassist Glennzilla, guitarist extraordinaire Evil Meat Sauce, and drummer 3 Week Steve. This quartet of artists specialize in somehow combining the flavors of Rock and Roll, Punk, Hip Hop, Alternative, Metal and Blues into a musical explosion that is hard to describe, but I'll try anyway. Imagine as if The Stooges and Ol' Dirty Bastard were in a musical fist fight with a young version of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the WHO. The blood that would stain those streets would be the sound of Sausage Brain. Here is the short story of how it all began...

Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, frontman Andy V has traveled the continent only to come back home and then finally settle in the south suburbs of Chicago with his family. Originally enjoying success as a vocalist with Slinky Styles, after their breakup, it was time to start a new project. Spawned from a library of songs, a catalog of poems, a life long nick name given to him by his mother, and an idea for a logo, "Project Sausage Brain" was on the verge of becoming a reality. The only missing pieces were the actual band and an artist who could portray a certain je ne sais quoi of Mr. Pig,  Andy V's trusty orange plastic pig sidekick.Then as luck would have it, one day while walking with his family Andy V would walk right into long time friend named Joe Scahill. The year was 2010...

Joe Scahill was also looking to play original music and his talent for writing music with his guitar was a great fit for what Sausage Brain was intended to be. Unique, edgy, and at moments even heavy but at the same time very simple and catchy. Most importantly he was able to capture the feeling from the melodies, lyrics, and songs that were already there as a foundation and could translate that to actual music. After countless hours spent writing, perfecting, trashing, then re perfecting and then practicing with multiple friends the dynamic duo were still looking to add permanent members to finally have a full band.

Drummer Kevin Bruggerman was next to join the band. Along with him he brought in our bassist Glennzilla. Armed with a couple of beautiful logos that were created by Joe Scahill, a whole store of merchandise, and months dedicated to practicing an extensive catalog of original music Sausage Brain was finally ready to take it to the stage. Our early shows were fun and well received. But our success would not be long lived.

Unfortunately due to creative differences the band decided to part ways and search for a new guitarist. Easier said then done. After years of only playing open mics and practicing here and there the future was looking bleak. Then, Kevin Bruggerman found guitarist extraordinaire Tom “Evil Meat Sauce” Ambrose and brought him into the mix. Now with Glennzilla as the musical captain and 22 original songs and many more months of practicing, Sausage Brain was finally ready to take it to the stage yet once again in Novemeber of 2013.

Everything was going great and with several shows lined up when Sausage Brain was forced to part ways with our original drummer Kevin Bruggerman. Luckily our guitarist Tom, is also in a cover band 90:99 and their bassist, Steve Farrell is also a drummer / singer. He is a natural fit to the sound that we have created and has been a key addition to our success. After only three weeks of practice, hence the name 3 Week Steve, Sausage Brain went and played all 24 songs that we had on our set list at the time and haven't looked back since.

Since the addition of Three Week Steve we have been hard at work writing new material and have extended our library to include over 30 songs giving us just over 2 hours of music. Mostly originals with 4 covers that we can include if the moment calls for it. We are excited for the future and are always looking for an opportunity to play and hopefully even earn a little money to help pay for our studio sessions at VMR in Brookfield.

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