Savage Evolution

Savage Evolution


Savage Evolution is a modern rock band with attention paid to melodic content and strong hooks. We haven't forgotten that rock music is supposed to be fun!


Formed in early 2005, Savage Evolution is a four piece modern rock band based in Houston, TX. With a rock solid base of song writing and musicianship, Savage Evolution draws on elements from every corner of rock and roll to create their sound. From crushing guitar hooks and soaring vocal melodies to funk based back beats, Savage Evolution are all about one thing… having a good time!

If the solid song writing on their debut self-titled release draws you in, then the power and energy of their live show will seal the deal. Savage Evolution give a strong nod to the bands of the past, showing crowds what it means to witness a live band that truly enjoys the stage. They revile in the moment, and it shows through with every ounce of sweat that goes into their set.


Savage Evolution EP (avalible on iTunes)

Singles - Beautiful, Skin, Moment of Madness & Wasted

Set List

No Changing Me
All A Waste
Moment of Madness
Who I Am
Morphine & Chocolate

Our typical set runs between 45 and 60 minutes. However, we have enough original material to fill a 90 minute slot.