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Savage Rehab: Tech Treatment E.P - feat Imperial, Europarty, The End Is Nigh, X.Y. - Section 8.
Savage Rehab: The New Dawn Project / Sunshine - Reinforced (Number 2 in dnb single charts)
Savage Rehab: Walk The Bass / One Shot - V Recordings
Savage Rehab: Hallowed E.P- Hallowed / Sweet Nothings / Devil May Care / Lusness - Liquid V
Savage Rehab: Big Bad & Heavy E.P - feat Viagra - Chronic
Savage Rehab: Big Bad & Heavy L.P feat Viagra / Hypnotoad - Chronic
Savage Rehab: Summer Selection 2011 - Bringing You Back - Drum And Bass Arena (number 4 in dnb single charts)
Savage Rehab: Breaks at Dawn L.P - Quiet Stars - E:Motion (number 2 in dnb single chart)
Savage Rehab: Crucial (rmx) - Audio Danger (number 4 in dnb singles chart)
Savage Rehab: Crucial (rmx) - Audio Danger also Featured on 15 Years Of Drum And Bass compilation - Drum And Bass Arena.

*List includes all top 10 uk dnb chart positions.



Coming from different musical backgrounds, Gareth Greenway and Russell Sheldon paired up in the late 90s to bring their own style of music and energy to the dancefloor.. During the course of the last 10 years they have refined their skills to work together in their performances and are able to mix on 5 turntables and two mixers simultaneously. They also bring their own vocalists to the act. 'Gigante' (also Mc'd for Serial Killaz, Congo Natty, Bryan Gee, Kenny Ken) with his strong stage presence and simple yet bold style bring the crowd closer to the vibe. Their female vocalist 'Ella' brings her own inimitable brand of smokey harmonics to the mix allowing the story unfold by adding a soulful edge.

Rather than sticking to the norm of staying inside a certain sub-genre, Savage Rehab mix every different style of drum and bass/jungle together to fully represent the sound as a whole. This meas weather they are playing a club night, festival, private function or specialist event, they can tailor their set specifically.

Having performed all over the U.K and Europe, Savage Rehab have proven their worth by getting re-booked time and time again by public demand. For example: 'Voted by the ravers' as the best set at the dirty weekender festival in Bangor 2011.

Since their discovery by Roni Size, Savage Rehab have signed to Bryan Gee's premier dnb label 'V Recordings' and work closely with artists such as EZ Rollers, PFM, Bladerunner, BCee and Kenny Ken.

"I first got to hear their stuff from Roni Size who passed on a CD and told me to keep a eye out... A year later they've had releases on V , Liquid v and Chronic... reason being is they've got it in them to produce music from tech d&b to liquid, jump-up, jungle style and minimal also.. What i love about these guys is their music always sounds like they're having fun and seeing them perform definitely confirms it with their energy..." - BRYAN GEE, V Recordings